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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Writer Care

In Publishing News this week…

Publishing Perspectives published a think piece from Richard Charkin on how Brexit will change the British publishing industry. Richard points out that British publishers will no longer have EU rights – and that now is the time to think and act globally and to support their writers in utilising worldwide English rights. It’s amazing to me that some publishers haven’t figured out they can publish everywhere on the same day. 


Joanna Penn had a great interview with David Farland this week. It’s a must-listen/read. David talks about changes he is seeing in publishing with hybrid authors, Kickstarter campaigns, and much more. David mentioned in passing seeing contracts that asked for All formats existing now and to be invented. Deal Breaker Alert.


There is a new App on the block- Bookship – Create a virtual book club for friends and readers to stay in touch with your writing and reading. It looks like an app variation of Goodreads but with a book club setting. 

In Indie News: D2D is now offering Payment splitting for collaborators!


This week I seemed to be reading lots of articles on writer self-care. This is a reflection of the Northern Hemisphere Winter Blues and Covid lockdown. 

Sofia Koutlaki at The writer recently published an article on how writers can cope a long dark winter indoors.


K M Weiland recently wrote an interesting article on overthinking your writing. Are you guilty of perfectionism? Is your ego getting in the way?


Meanwhile, Dean Wesley Smith was wrestling with another kind of problem- The Disorganized Writer. Where did you put that story from a few years ago… can you find it in your files?


Are you suffering from the Dunning Kruger effect in your writing or is it the well-known Valley Of Despair? Scott McCormick writes on how you can tell that your writing is not as terrible as you think it is.


After you have navigated the minefield of writing tripwires, it might be time to recognize the writing habits that work best for you. Gary Smailes has a look at how other writers developed habits and then breaks down the way to become successful in your own writing habits.


Angela Ward writes about 10 tools to help you stay more productive in your writing. Fantasy Name generators to description ideas for inspiration. Check it out.


In The Craft Section,

Tips for writing rising action- Katherine Grubb

Beginning your story too soon- K M Weiland- Bookmark

How do you know your novel is ready to publish- Anne R Allen - Bookmark

Building a bridge from the beginning to the main conflict- Jami Gold - Bookmark

5 easy ways to get more writing done in less time- Sean Platt


In The Marketing Section,

March Madness marketing for Books- Sandra Beckwith

Tips on using Linkedin for authors- Marika Flatt

10 surefire strategies for promotion before publishing- Penny Sansevieri- Bookmark

Street teams: How to smoothly run them for success- Angela Ackerman- Bookmark


To Finish,

Shanna Swendson wrote a guest post over at Fiction University - Keep Your Writing Routine From Becoming A Rut. How often have you felt like you were dragging yourself to your desk? Have you lost the joy of creation? Now might be the time to change up a few habits and get re-inspired again.





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