Thursday, December 11, 2008

SPINNING GOLD- The New Zealand Children’s Book Writing and Illustration Conference

Here is the first news release about the conference.Oh we've got some goodies lined up for you! It's all still in the planning stages...but we are very excited!
If you are thinking about maybe looking in....there may not be room...
But enough blathering on...Read On....

SPINNING GOLD- The New Zealand Children’s Book Writing and Illustration Conference will take place at Capital House, Melrose, Wellington in 2009, September 18 (2pm)-20th (5pm)

Run by the Wellington Children’s Book Association, there will be opportunities for emerging and experienced Writers and Illustrators to learn new skills, network and take their craft to The Next Chapter- into the 21st Century.

The core strands in the conference will be,
New Technologies-Escape beyond the pen, the paper and the ‘puter.
Business –The money and how to legally keep as much as you can.
Marketing and Promotion- Getting your name out there... Beyond Traditional Marketing.
Professional Development- Publishing without paper- Ways to live without getting a real job.

There will be Master Classes, Workshops, Publishers, Agents, Panels and Informative Keynote Speakers.
There will be social events and a built in trip to a mystery location.

The venue, Capital House, is in an affordable location for a residential conference set in large grounds overlooking the harbour. Bed and Breakfast living in at the conference will be optional (but we recommend it) Come for a day or for all three.

Early bird registrations will open in April 2009
Spaces are limited to the first 80 people!

If you want to register your interest and get on our mailing list for updates and advance warning of registration opening dates... Contact the Wellington Children’s Book Association by email.

pic is spinning gold globe from we're out to make the world take notice.....mwaahhhhaaaaa.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Author = Content Provider

Reading Beattie’s Book Blog, as most of us in the industry do, I came across the press release for the Brand New ‘Digital Publishing Forum. Martin Taylor( has put together a group of like minded authors and publishers to explore and help push New Zealand in to the Brave New Digital world. Here is a little taste of what he wants NZ to take notice of.

Digital publishing opens up the multi-billion dollar global book industry to both existing and new players. It needs new skills, technologies and ways of doing business. If you think you've got something that we should be aware of or sharing with others, contact Forum director Martin Taylor. We want to hear from with suggestions for:

· Content providers looking for technology

· Technology providers looking for content

· Speakers

· Sponsors

· Suppliers

· Service providers

· Investors

· Anyone who can help build an internationally competitive digital publishing industry in New Zealand.

He is running a series of workshops throughout the country in March 2009

So for all you content providers out there this could be worthwhile keeping an eye on....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

new jobs for writers

Eat Chocolate biscuits....

Stacy in Oklahoma just emailed me about a post on Galleycat. We have been talking about the recession and how it is hitting publishing houses in the US.

Along with some high profile resignations have come some high profile firings...
"The publishing world in the US seems to be in disarray."
Check out Galleycat here

But here is a little snippet about what you can do when you are not building your websites in support of your unsold book waiting for the end of the recession.....

As the economy officially enters a recession, more writers are exploring new kinds of outlets--from videogame scripts to Amazon Kindle ebooks to blogging programs.

Read the rest of the post here

Lots of these issues will be talked about at our conference next year. we have an emphasis on new technologies and other ways to make and keep hold of your money....

Info coming soon.

but first the

Wellington Children's Book Association Lit Quiz is on tonight!

I'm looking forward to seeing what challenging questions they come up with this year!

How to publish your way out of a recession?


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