Thursday, December 29, 2011

Preparing for 2012

The year is nearly over and the blogosphere has filled with predictions for 2012.

What should happen... will happen... aint gonna happen in 2012?

Bob Mayer always has an interesting line up and he is often right on the money, speaking of which he is getting lots of comments on number eight and how publishers account for the money...hmmm.

Jane Friedman has looked at her year and listed what she thinks is the best advice she has given. Jane is a media professor so if you want a university course in writing and publishing check this list out!

Joe Konrath has put up his list of resolutions for writers...what is interesting is he starts with what he said in 2006 then 2007 then 2008 then 2009 then 2010 and adds a short piece for 2011. Go through the list and see the really solid advice that he gives. Worth printing out and sticking on the wall!

The news today over on the Passive Guys blog (writer lawyer) is HarperCollins attempt to enforce a contract infringement for a contract written in 1971 asserting it owns the eBook rights for Julie Of The Wolves by Jean Craighead George. Check out what he has to say and also his follow up post on the  ground breaking ruling called the Peggy Lee Decision. Given what HaperCollins is trying you might just need to know this piece of advice!

Jenny Hansen is giving an early New Years gift to writers with a cheat sheet of the best keyboard shortcuts for writers.

David Robinson has written a useful guest post on creating book covers. Check out the comments where writers have put links in to free software to give you a hand.

To finish,
Book riot has a funny roundup entitled you know you have read too much Young Adult fiction when...(great for Y A writers to hold a mental measuring stick on their own work.)

I am now in the sunny North except it is raining... Time for me to get out the old novel and finish it! 


Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Minute Shopping

Yesterday I was traveling up the North Island so of course my blog did not get written. I left a gorgeous day in Wellington...yes we do have amazing days in the windy city, when there is no wind, the sea is flat calm and the sun sparkles off the hills surrounding the harbour like a rare gem. 

Today Auckland is misty and overcast. I’m waiting for the full on sunshine and last minute shopping trips to begin.

If you are shopping for any authors...check out these presents.

Offbeat gifts for writers.... and for inspiration...what has been described as voodoo dolls of authors.

The predictions for 2012 are beginning and Mike Shatzkin’s name is being tweeted all around the blogoshere for his ‘not predictions list but questions’ that need to be addressed in 2012. Check it out, there is something for everyone in the publishing industry to ponder.

Of course Mike also had a hand in making the Digital Book World 10 Predictions for 2012...this is also getting a twitter beating as Number 7 gets talked about by authors.

In the fun category -  if you know an author who has begun using skype for author visits you may want to point them to this post from a 'don’t do what I did’ tongue in cheek expose of a skype visit to a book club. (Children’s writers can get themselves in sooo much trouble just with one of these gaffs.)

If you are looking for personal inspiration you must check out  the editors blog for a beautiful call to writers to push themselves a little more. 
If Chuck is more your style he says the same thing but in his own gritty voice...(warning It’s Chuck!)

I had hoped to bring you a sneak preview of the project I have been working on for the last couple of months but time pressures and end of year hype has delayed I may just start the New Year with it.
It will be an interesting journey for me to share with you. Bring on 2012.

Merry Christmas from the sunny Southern Hemisphere. (still waiting for that sun Auckland...)
Oh and here’s the annual Christmas video treat for you. 

Off for last minute Christmas shopping...oh look sun!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Decorative Links

Holidays, the chance to go away from your usual busy life, explore new country, meet new people and try out new things.

Coming back through the front door always triggers the best moments of the holiday for me.... It is my last ditch effort to hold holiday mode around me as I stare at the mess left and the long list of catch up jobs, mail and end of the school year craziness. This morning, five minutes before leaving for school, one child announced they needed cardboard tube inners, wrapping paper and lollies...for making crackers.

Last week on Blog day I was traveling down the middle of the South Island staring at the back country and alpine scenery and pointing out likely film spots from the Lord Of The Rings. It helped that we knew The Hobbit was being filmed on location in some of the places we were going through. New Zealand=Middle Earth.

Holiday memories are getting squished to the back of my mind as this is the week before Christmas...a time that heralds that frantically busy period when you realise you have not sorted out the Christmas day menu or the in law presents or even found the Christmas tree decorations...

However I have a box of Blog Christmas tree decorations...

12 Great Big Golden Baubles....or 7 Lessons about Self publishing I learnt in 7th Grade and (from the wonderful Catherine Ryan Howard) 5 things I am always telling self publishers.  

Every tree needs special ornaments that trigger great memories. Here is a nice idea from the Teaching Authors Blog.

In the pretty ornament category we have three really sweet posts.
A new Y A Publisher in Australia from Publishing Perspectives.

There are always a couple of ornaments that you know you have to put on the tree but are always challenging as to where they go....

In the new ornament category check out this pretty nifty advice from Lisa Schroeder...Let Good Reads Ads be your friend. (This one should be in the middle at eye level!)

Find the Christmas Star or Angel of your fulfilled writing resolutions....(ok still making mine...) and stick it on the top.

Next week you may even get a present to stick under the tree....


pic from here

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Serving Up Link Dinner

The first day of December and officially Summer in the Southern Hemisphere and suddenly the weather remembers that it is supposed to be hot and sunny.

Of course being the first day of December the shops go mad with Christmas decorations, Christmas music and the Christmas count down.
Every Christmas I get frustrated by the lack of Summer Christmas celebration music and decorations in the town. My kids are singing Frosty The Snowman and the mall is decorated in ice sculptures for Santa...say what?
The temperature is climbing and any snowman here wouldn't last long....

I think it is time we shed the Northern Hemisphere winter solstice type celebrations and start making an effort with the uniqueness of Christmas in the Pacific...that's Christmas day BBQ's and beach cricket...or lying outside trying to get a tan while digesting Christmas dinner.

What interesting tidbits and yummy treats can I serve you up as appetizers for a Christmas dinner of links this week?

NaNoWriMo has finished and now the big edit begins. If you are scratching your head looking at your opus and wondering how you can make it better check out these writing craft links.

From The Editors Blog- no perfect characters needed.
From Bob Mayer's store of great advice- conflict the fuel of your story.
From the team at Adventures in Children's Publishing-stimulus and response.

If you are sitting down and need to dine on more substantial fare....

Publishers Weekly looks at the Amazon library mess and asks where do traditional public libraries fit in all this?
YA Highway has a thought provoking post on why Authors disappear...
Have a serving of 30 quick tips for speakers.

Dessert, if you can fit it in....

Channelship ponders the future of book marketing
Jane Friedman warns writers that they are overlooking a vital skill.

For the after dinner mints...Kate Arms-Smith explores what you might need in a creative space and SCBWI has a fancy graphic on the lifecycle of the book.

Loosen your belt, stretch back and muse about all the goodies you have received....
Next week I will be away from my blog as I travel down to the South Island... this will give you time to digest your meal so you will be ready for the last serving of links for 2011. 
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