Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Author = Content Provider

Reading Beattie’s Book Blog, as most of us in the industry do, I came across the press release for the Brand New ‘Digital Publishing Forum. Martin Taylor(martin@digitalstrategies.co.nz) has put together a group of like minded authors and publishers to explore and help push New Zealand in to the Brave New Digital world. Here is a little taste of what he wants NZ to take notice of.

Digital publishing opens up the multi-billion dollar global book industry to both existing and new players. It needs new skills, technologies and ways of doing business. If you think you've got something that we should be aware of or sharing with others, contact Forum director Martin Taylor. We want to hear from with suggestions for:

· Content providers looking for technology

· Technology providers looking for content

· Speakers

· Sponsors

· Suppliers

· Service providers

· Investors

· Anyone who can help build an internationally competitive digital publishing industry in New Zealand.

He is running a series of workshops throughout the country in March 2009

So for all you content providers out there this could be worthwhile keeping an eye on....

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