Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the phoenix has landed

The phoenix has landed...Yippee..
Mars is the coolest planet for lots of reasons. (-50C)
One of the reasons I am so interested in it is that humans can survive on mars with the technology we have now.
Scientists wonder if mars had life that would make it statistically more likely that life exists in the galaxy. At the moment we know that life exists only on one planet-ours....so are we freaks of the galaxy or are we common as....
Potentially Mars may have had life and maybe Europa or Ganymeade (Jupiters moons)...there is a neat little band called the goldielocks band. (look children's books get a look in) When scientists search for life in other solar systems...too hot.. too cold... just right..earth, mars, and maybe just maybe the moons of jupiter fall into the just right band...
Phoenix has landed in the Martian arctic. It is drilling for liquid water.
H2O means fuel and oxygen which means if it finds some that means all those plans to send a manned mission to mars just got the go ahead!

This is the first pic from the martian artic.

Look no rocks!!!

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