Tuesday, May 6, 2008

storylines madness

This morning I have been thinking about Storylines...for those who don't know, Storylines is a huge festival, FREE, celebrating children's books, authors, illustrators etc. It is a national festival. Wellington's day is 8th June.
I have been on the organising committee since the first festival in Wellington (five years ago.)Every year I think never again- it's mad but then the day rolls around and you see the kids and the energy and think OK, it's worth it.
This year I'm in charge of Factopia again...so mini planetariums are filling my mind....as well as the perennial problem of displaying stuff for Leon Davidson's series of war books.
This year the event is at the National School of Dance in Mount Cook, which is our biggest venue yet. So we might crack 3000 people. Of course we are nowhere near Auckland's 20 000.

Well I have added a couple of pictures. I thought about putting heaps of pictures up then thought better of it, I can put urls up to link you to some of the best pictures around. Of course JPL/Nasa are wonderful for pictures.

For sheer beauty tho, New Zealand's home grown John Drummond from Gisborne has the best space images. My absolute favourite one is his picture of Omega Centauri. Check out his Possum Observatory on the web.http://www.possumobservatory.co.nz/

I haven't been to Mars very much lately, school holidays etc, you get nothing done...
But I have been diving into a great book called Mars Postcards...photos from the rovers Spirit and Opportunity. The pictures of Mars are from JPL/NASA but they are similar to the ones I like from the book (the best ones are in the book.) I'll try to put a new Mars pic up every week.


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