Thursday, May 15, 2008


I've been trying to figure out how I can have pages, or something like it, as I want to put up a page of interesting bones facts to go with my book. it is all confusing but I'm hanging in there. I have added links to some very interesting blogs and websites of childrens writers. Check them out....Some are amazing and I wonder how they find the time to write....
This week I have been looking at page proofs of Bones and making a few little changes. Everything is on track for the launch in August. Now I just have to plan the party.
Coming up is The New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards on Wednesday night. I have my embossed invitation made out to me (and only me) on the wall. I have my fingers crossed for
Joy and Fleur and Feana and in each catagory (which is why it's hard to type...)
then it is on to storylines...
The WCBA is beginning to plan a national conference for Children's Writers and Illustrators here in NZ and as I had the bright idea I get to be on another committee. (that's three writing related ones) I was talking to a friend about being busy...and the comment came back... it's what gives you energy...hmm it also could be why I get to the launch pad to go to mars and never touch down... I've only written two chapters...

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