Friday, June 6, 2008

storylines-2 sleeps away

and then you find it in drafts which you never looked at before....
(Pic is Opportunity looking back
at how far it has come...)

What a busy week I've had...As usual Storylines takes up the bulk of my cyberspace time.

Just keeping up to date can be a challenge... also attending the committee meetings....

However this years event at the National School of Dance and Drama promises to be amazing!
In a first, we have free buses from the cities in the Wellington region.
My planetarium looks good and we have an event manager for my room, which is the busiest room in the huge venue. We have so much on offer my fingers would cramp telling you so go to to check it out!!!

If you are in Wellington on Sunday come along-10-4. I'll be mc- ing the whole day! (why did I open my big mouth-that's why huh...)
We hope to crack 3000 people this year. This festival of children's writing and illustrating talent just gets bigger every year. We can't wait to meet Babette Cole and Carole Wilkinson as well as our home grown superstars in the children's lit world.

Speaking of superstars the family attended Stardate, the Phoenix society winter astronomical conference over the long weekend. We got some star gazing in at the obsevatory.(gee Saturn looks like a jug tonight...)

We heard some great speakers...did you know that the surface of Jupiter has a 20,000 km deep ocean of liquid hydrogen?

There was breaking news...little old phoenix swung it's camera down underneath to look at the ground the landing thrusters had cleared...yes ladies and gentlemen, it is sitting on a block of ice!
How's that for a major hole in one!

When we got back home, major news on the radio, the Mt John guys and girls along with their Japanese team members have discovered the smallest sun with an orbiting planet!

This week I have been working on a pitch my spare creative time...(not much).
What is a pitch slam?
I didn't know either but this blogging business just gets you into more trouble...

If you go and look at other writers blogs to see how they do it, as I do, you come across Alices blog.

Alice is the editor of the children's writers and illustrators marketplace- the bible for american writers

Then you trip to Jane's blog (Alice's boss) who talks about the pitch slam competition at the Book Expo America which gives authors 3 minutes to pitch their book to an editor or agent.

Jane Friedman, managing editor, writers digest books

then you trip to the editor of the literary agents guide...all the editors at writer digest seem to have a blog...

and there you discover The Buried Editor's blog.

This editor is going to be a pitchee at the book expo and she decided to have a little pitch slam of her own -so muggins here decided to have a go....

I have just finished agonising over my pitch and sent it off, phew.

I'm sure she will be inundated- but surprise could be on my side. How many pitches would she get from New Zealand???

If you have the time, have a look at the blogs above. They are interesting to children's book people...if you are not a children's book person...have a look anyway- it will give you an insight into their mad mad world...and why we love it so....

maureen-off to draw up a must pack list for Sunday... throat lozenges... water bottles...sellotape...

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