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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Rich Writers (and their bot slaves)

In the publishing blogosphere, it has been a week of big ideas. 
I have been mulling over the article from Kris Rusch, in last weeks blog, about the licensing expo and the implications for writers. If you haven’t read it... Please do. It gives a whole ‘nother perspective on the writing business. Then read Part Two which came out today. Imagine a merchandising line based around your characters. What would it take to set up... 
This is writing as a business with its big boots on. 

Meanwhile over in the UK Joanna Penn is rattling my brain with her mega podcast episode on 9 ways AI will disrupt publishing- (it’s happening now.)
I am always interested in the future. I’m absolutely jealous of the kids just born as they will be setting foot on other planets. I have been interested in AI for a while but strangely have never thought of the implications for publishing. My teen heard part of this podcast and she was disturbed. (Her word.) The potentials for good and bad are very stark. Joanna transcribes her podcasts but if you can, listen, because she adds in extras, not in the transcription. Prepare to have your mind blown. (and not in a bad way...)

Findaway Voices – rival audio distributor to Audible has announced a new royalty rate from Google Play. And it’s bigger than before. Is this the first salvo in dragging content off other sites?

We love libraries... wonderful portals to exciting worlds... Jane Friedman has an interesting article on how libraries increase book discoverability but you need to know how to get their attention.

Rachel Thompson has a great article on author networking. Here are five ways to conquer your self-doubt and reach out to others who are just like you.

Have you ever thought about writing to market? Do you think it is a bit mercenary? Do you only write what the muse tells you to write? Jeff Elkins has an interesting post on reframing this writing to market as writing what readers want to read. Of course, then you have the problem how do you find that out? Luckily Jeff shares some ideas.

Every few months there is an article about the death of the novel. The sky is falling- book sales go down, claim the newspapers. The Guardian recently tried to spin this but at the same time they had to say that there were no big blockbusters published this year so maybe that was why the publishers reported a fall. 

In The Craft Section,

The psychology of a layered story- Tamar Sloan- Bookmark

Two fabulous must-read posts from Jami Gold - Does every scene need a goal and Character goals 
Can there be too many?

Gaslighting and writing villains- Carla Hoch- Bookmark

Writing Rogue characters- Ruth Harris - Bookmark

In the Marketing Section,

9 Query mistakes for instant rejection- Writers Relief

Tips for Author interviews – Ingram Spark

Is your website protected- and Are You?- Judith Briles – Bookmark

Top 10 FAQs about book publicity – Joan Stewart- Bookmark

2 Great posts from Penny Sansevieri- How to realign your book marketing strategies and Goodreads giveaways, a solid marketing strategy

To Finish,

Recently I saw a discussion on the reactions that people mostly have when they find out you are a writer. It was funny and tragic at the same time. 
Have I read anything you’ve written? 
You must be rich like J K Rowling
Do you write stuff like 50 shades ... (cue inappropriate joke) 
I want to write a book. I’ll give you the idea and we’ll split the profits...
And don’t get me started on the stupid things people say when they find out you write for children. 
Ashleigh Young wrote an article addressing this common writer pitfall. What to say when someone asks how you make your living as a writer. 

What do you say? How will you be making your living in the future?


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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Taking a Breather

In the publishing blogosphere this week...

Jane Friedman has taken a middle of the year look at how 2018 is shaping up publishing wise. What is trending? Who stays strong... and what really is going on in the back lists. This is well worth reading to get a sense of what is changing in publishing. If you are chasing a Trad deal come prepared with a marketing plan along with your synopsis to editors.

Joanna Penn always has interesting guests on her podcast. I have only just managed to catch up with two of her latest podcasts. David Kadavy on redesigning your writing life and Book editing tips with Natasa Lekic from NY Book editors. Both great podcasts.

Publishing Perspectives has an interesting article with Sara Sargent of Harper Collins children’s division on how they are sourcing content from Wattpad. They are working with Wattpad to identify strong authors and offering book deals. They call it the reverse engineering traditional publishing and are looking at compressed timelines etc. With Wattpad becoming a content curator for film and TV studios it is worth authors taking a look.

The Book Designer blog run by Joel Friedlander is another source of great content. Joel runs a monthly cover design award along with his wonderful book templates and an active blog on book marketing. Recently Joan Stewart had an interesting article on working with journalists to get good media coverage for your book.

This week Kris Rusch looks at a problem all writers would like to have... what if that unexpected windfall in the bank account is the start of great new things to come. How long should you wait before spending the checks? It’s an interesting dilemma. Are you prepared for success?

Lately it seems that everywhere I go on the podcasts or the internet or Twitter Dave Chesson pops up. I don’t mind as Dave has loads of great information for Indie Authors. This week he was guesting over at Anne R Allens’s blog with a post on achieving Zen mastery in writing efficiency.

In The Craft Section,

Writing descriptions that wow- Linda Clare- Bookmark

Hero goals- Scribe meets world

The Rainbow editing method- Angela Donofrio- Bookmark

In The Marketing section,

Promo Stacking effective strategies-Writtenword media- Bookmark

Two great posts from the Bookbub blog- free tools to build book buzz and Creative ways to use images- Bookmark

Author Bio’s- Rachelle Gardner

What promo items do authors really need- Careerauthors- Bookmark

13 pre order strategies- Penny Sansevieri- Bookmark

It's Ingram Sparks birthday... They have a free deal going.

To Finish,

School holidays and procrastination... All I want to do is sleep in and recharge. That’s what I tell my children whom I have to drag out of bed in term time. So I sleep in... and they get out of bed before the alarm to play on computers... hmmm, a role reversal here. I really need this post on 5 ways writers can be productive while procrastinating.
If you are watching a lot of movies this holidays... take notice of the films with the wrong main character.... Did the writer or the director get it wrong? This article has me looking at the films in a whole new way...


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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Author = Expert

There were rumblings earlier in the week and then the emails from Amazon started coming out. The Zon bots were on the rampage and no one seemed safe. Reviewers lost reviews and accounts. Authors got pinged for too many sales- Amazon accusing them of sabotage – and then the hammer fell on Kindle Worlds.
Yesterday the notices went out to all the writers who wrote sanctioned fan fiction that gave the original creators some money as well as the fan fiction writers and Amazon. It’s been an interesting experiment and no one is quite sure why they’ve shut it down. Copyright of the stories remains in the authors hands but then the world and the characters are under the ownership of the originator. 
I foresee a scramble as writers try to figure out what the contract rights reversions will look like.

The many niggles of a less than satisfactory experience with the worlds biggest eBook publisher have triggered many authors to review their marketing strategy going forward.
Kindle Select authors (publish exclusively with Amazon with page reads also counting towards sales) are starting to pull out and go wide. That means establishing a presence on Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Publish Drive etc. Some are even thinking of going back to Traditional publishing. The author has more choices now. A great article from Eldonna Edwards puts it into perspective.

Middle Grade and Young Adult writing agents were recently asked what they saw as new trends and what they want to see more of...

Amy Collins was recently at a conference and watched some train wrecks in motion... Know your genre... know what is selling... research is the difference between an author and a writer.

Joan Stewart talks about Author experts. You might be an expert and not even know it. Check out her great article.

Jane Friedman recently wrote an article on the modern website - A smarter author platform for the digital age. This is an info rich article on what works and why - from one of the experts in the field.

Where do you get your ideas from...? I don’t know any author that hasn’t been asked this... Here is a possible answer tho - from old newspapers! Check out this article on a great treasure trove of ideas.

In The Craft Section,

Two great posts-Good character flaws and Novel in a month- Now Novel- Bookmark

Punching up your prose- Janice Hardy- Bookmark

Give your hero a hard time- Writer Unboxed-Bookmark

Story development-Writepractice

In The Marketing Section,

Nates big list of analytic tools- Nate Hoffelder- Bookmark

How to sell a series on Amazon- Alli Blog- Bookmark

To Finish,

Jami Gold has an interesting post this week that really struck a chord with me. How do you know your writing is any good? This is particularly interesting as I am getting into the sharp end of book judging and these questions have been haunting my sleep.
I know that I have more expertise now judging my own projects than I did before...


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