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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Is This The Real You?

Facebook is changing its algorithms. So marketing on Social Media needs a rethink. Penny Sansevieri lists the bare minimum interactions andmindset that authors should be doing.  Writers Digest also has some good advice on how not to panic but take advantage of the changes... It’s all about being your authentic real self...

Hands up if anyone knows who Arnaud Nourry is? Hmmm, not many. He is the Chief Executive of Hachette Livre which is why his comments this week, on eBooks being stupid, raised eyebrows. His company makes loads of money from them.... However he thinks the future is in 3D and digital...

Another week... another scandal... Amazon started sending out Tax notices this week and one author got a nasty surprise. His account had been used as a money laundering service and he's not the only author being targeted.  Brian Krebs takes a look at what happened and how easy it is to do....

Anne R Allen always has great advice and here she looks at blogging for authors. Do you really need to do it? 8 reasons to start an author blog. It has generated a lot of comment so if you are on the fence or need to rethink your strategy go and read what she has to say.

Kris Rusch was surprised to see an editors name on the front cover of a fiction novel. Apparently this is becoming a thing... and not for the better. Kris breaks down why this is ethically and morally dubious... let alone a sales nightmare.

If you are a visual learner you will love this neat little video on Storytelling by George Saunders. ‘Get out there and do something beautiful...’

In The Writing Craft Section,

21 fun writing prompts- TED ED- Bookmark

Wrestling with tense and point of view -Writer Unboxed- Bookmark

Writing Craft master list- Jami Gold- Bookmark

Plotting- Big Picture vs Small picture- Janice Hardy – Bookmark

5 ways to deepen emotional layering- Lakota Grace- Bookmark

In The Book Marketing Section,

Using box sets and bundling- Joanna Penn- Bookmark

Tips for the new Goodreads giveaways-Chris McMullen- Bookmark

Promote your books with online groups- Non Fiction writers Assoc.

5 Terrible ways to launch your book- Draft2Digital- Bookmark

To Finish,
The Digital Reader site run by Nate Hoffelder has an interesting collection of news, comment and resources. This infographic is lots of fun. How to determine your character by the fonts you use...


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