Thursday, April 3, 2014

Believe It

April rolled in and the weather is stunning! New Zealand’s capital city perched on steep hills overlooking an almost circular harbour gets a lot of wind. We are used to it. A force 5 gale to everyone else is a gentle zepher for us... except in Autumn. 
We have no wind. Everything is calm. The sky is that perfect autumn blue. The sea is sparkling. The temperatures are balmy...and no one believes us when we say this!

This week around the publishing blogosphere... It is the season of Book Fairs with many agents hopping from Bologna to London. Mary Hoffman writes what it was like to be a children’s author at Bologna. Interesting to get the UK authors perspective on this book fair. (After you stop feeling jealous.)

Porter Anderson looks at some of the issues likely to be talked about at The London Book Fair happening next week.  It’s all about the numbers...again. He also has an Ether column looking at whether publishers are ready to have important discussions on the future of the industry. Some believe they already are...

Charlotte Jones has a post on 7 things I heard at a book festival, which has some interesting takeouts for authors.

Mashable has a must read post on when your blog is hacked and what to do. Read. Believe. Do.

Writer Beware is the blog of Victoria Strauss and she does an excellent job of shining a spotlight on unsavory practices and scams. As I was reading this one I found myself questioning whether I had read it was starting to sound so familiar. And that is the problem. It is now so common for this kind of scam to take everybody in. Writer starts a hot new publishing house, everything sound fine, then things get hard, everything falls apart, founder disappears...

An interesting article caught my eye this week. Why self publishing is so good for literary culture. I think there are a lot of good points in it but you may not believe me.

Chuck has a hard time believing a pirates explanation for why he has pirated Chucks work. Take some time out to read this as it shows two points of view of a very controversial situation in digital publishing. Do you believe it’s all about 1’s and 0’s?

In the Craft Section,

What’s Love got to do with it (believe me, a brilliant article!)

In the Marketing Section,
Kris Rusch continues her remarkable series on Discoverability this week with two posts. Publicity Campaigns and Surprise.

Darcy Pattison continues her Build An Author Website from scratch series.

Digital Book World...has collected together a comprehensive list of resources for authors

To Finish,

To succeed you must set some writer goals or you can believe everything this writer advises you...(with tongue firmly in cheek.)


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