Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fire Up Your Imagination...

Once in a while you come across an article that sets your imagination on fire. 

This week that happened to me when I read Dean Wesley Smith’s article on selling ebooks. I have sent the link to indie bookstore owners that I know...small publishers that I know... and tertiary writing course instructors. 
Dean sets out, step by step, an innovative way to market ebooks. It is stunning in its simplicity and very very do-able. Even if you have no interest in ebooks, read this article it will change the way you think about ebooks and marketing. 
If you know any indie booksellers pass the link on to everyone...It might save some jobs!

This week BEA is happening. BEA is Book Expo of the biggest book industry events in the world. 

Why am I interested? Generally what is talked about at BEA or unveiled at BEA changes the publishing industry in some way. Keeping an eye on BEA means you are keeping up with new publishing trends. 

Publishing Perspectives is posting a whole series of articles on what is happening at BEA while it is happening. Think of it as a Daily Newspaper with new editions coming out through the day...Here are two I have picked out for you but there are plenty more...

International rights in a changing world...This is a report from a panel of rights experts talking about what is selling around the world and why...For instance Japan wants self help books...don’t bother trying to sell crime and disaster books there.

Ten tips for producing videos...this link from Publishing Perspectives includes a great promotional video...You will learn stuff!!!

Janet Reid talks about the big news at BEA -  Barry Eisler cutting a print publishing deal with....Amazon.  Check out the advance and then stop and think about how Amazon is now moving into the print publishing business...first the e storefront then the ebook  and ereader and now PRINT...(traditional publishing anyone?)

Jane Friedman this week wrote about 3 publishing trends that writers must be aware of. If you read this blog often you will be able to pick some...Go on, have a bet with yourself and see if you are right.

Scott Young has written a great article on writing. Do you focus on your weakness and strive to master it or just keep writing and learn by osmosis?

The Blood Red Pencil is a source of great articles for writers. Here is a pertinent one for me which might help you as well, How To Earn Your Info Dump. Have you done heaps of research and are now trying to fit it into the book while trying to avoid having a character sound like a textbook....Read this article.

Over on Craicerplus( My Amplify Page) I have links to articles on

Agents As Publishers- Writer Beware. (this is an important post on an increasing trend)

Rethinking The Authors Career Path

Fiction Uncovered- Get Noticed By The Bookstore. (This is a great article on a UK Arts council initiative to expose readers to writers who are flying under the radar...)  On the same theme here is an extra link for you -Romancing the Bookstore.

Seek A Genre-The Path Ahead is Lit ( a very funny take on genre writing)

To Finish,

From time to time, people contact me and ask my advice about something to do with the publishing industry...or the main themes of my blog... or do I know where they can get information on.....

This week I had two different to do with social media and one to do with which publishing track would be the right fit for a particular project.

I am flattered to be asked...(you think I know something????) I then spend a few hours thinking my way around and through the question before I put together a response...I don’t tell anyone what they should do...but I will help, if I am able, with being a sounding board.

So two links pertaining to those questions which popped up today that readers might be interested in.

FaBo Story 2- Planet FaBo is nearly set for lift off. If you know any kids who want to be part of it feel free to direct them to the Fabo Story site...where once again Kiwi Kids Writers pit themselves against Kiwi Kids.... 
Oh the pressure!



TK Roxborogh said...

Just wanted to say that me and three of my Y12s trawled through your blog yesterday looking for titbits.

I had the data projector on so they could see what I was doing and they got so excited.

'So THIS is where you go!'

'Ah, yeah.'

'I thought you spent hours every night looking for stuff for us.'

I endeavour to throw a disparaging look and give her my best Spock eyebrow lift: how long have you known me? Remember, school is....

Yeah, yeah. School is for school and home is for home,' she interrupts.

'This,' I say, pointing at my white board, 'is evidence that there are goddesses out there. Maureen Crisp is one. Grasshoppers….'

They frown and they turn to me, faces blank.

'Okay - 70s tv series - don't worry. Truth is, I get all my good stuff from her. She's a really cool writer by the way. Remember I told you last year -'

'- so, Mrs Roxborogh,' one interrupts. 'You have been feeding us wisdom you have taken from others?'

Me: yeah.

Her: isn't that like um cheating.

Plagiarism? another offers.

Me: Nope. I've always told you where I get my wisdom from. I've always acknowledged the sources and I've referenced my titbits. I share with you my writing journey and the helpful things I find on the way. I am not the bible.
[there is a stunned silence for a few moments]
A veteran puts up her hand. I nod to allow her to speak and she turns in her seat: Mrs Roxborogh, like us, is learning how to be a better writer. Like her, we need the support of a community of other writers to help us.
Thank God, she is not God.'
And then the bell rang.
Life sometimes writes the perfect scene

Maureen said...

Hi Tania,
I thought your Year 12's might be interested in the craft tips....
They are a savvy, thinking bunch of ladies to understand that no writer is master of their craft...the writer is always looking to improve... for the search demands thinking deeply about what you are doing....
The danger is that you may fall in love with the search and not finish the book you were searching for in the first place....grasshopper

I loved that programme!

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