Monday, September 15, 2008

blogging extra's

A few days ago Tim Jones commented on my writing is a business blog post.
Tim is a great poetry and short story writer and he has been in the blogging business for a while so he knows all about interviewing people and adding extra content to his blogs...
Tim has let me know that his interview with a NZ children's YA writer is up on his Blog

Jump to it if you want a great read.



Tim Jones said...

Thanks for the kind words, Maureen! I'm not at all sure I know all about adding extra content, though - my one blog giveaway so far was introduced with the headline "Wellington Blogger Offers Modest Giveaway", which doesn't necessarily show the right entrepreneurial spirit ...

Yes, what Helen Lowe has to say in that interview is well worth reading, both about her books and about the process of getting a US agent.


Maureen said...

HI Tim,
One of my the eclectic mix of wierd things I am interested in is marketing.I don't do it but I am interested in the way marketers use ideas and psycology to get people to buy stuff.So every month or so I read a marketing book as part of my non fiction reading.
Ar the moment I am reading Online Marketing off the press.
I have been thinking I need a purpose for my blog so what I might do is try to distill some good ideas for people like us (writer bloggers)
By offering a book giveaway you have jumped into the realm of interactive added content blogging.
Well Done!

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