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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Writing or Reading - There’s a cruise for that.


In Publishing News this week


There has been head scratching and disbelief in the Science Fiction community over the Hugo awards being held this week in China. Prominent names inexplicably didn’t get recognition for their work. Then the rumours started - Did China ban these books from the ballot? The Guardian tries to find out.


Staying in the East, Japan awarded a prestigious literary award and then the author confessed to using AI. Consternation. The book was described as flawless. How much AI is too much? Mark Williams adds his acerbic take on the situation.


Mark also writes about the huge take up of the ad supported Netflix streaming platform. If people are comfortable with ads then they shouldn’t have a problem with ads in books on streaming subscriptions. Any takers?


Booktok was surprised when an influencer who doesn’t read was sponsored by a publisher to go on a cruise and … read. Publishers Weekly reports how that worked out. (Pick Me for reading on an all expenses paid cruise.)


Publishing Perspectives reports on the Kids Media trade fair that is happening alongside the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. It’s not just the books getting deals- think Merch!


The Ghostwriters met in New York for their conference. Josh Bernoff reported in Jane Friedman’s blog on the main talking points. They are anxious about AI and the fees that some ghostwriters are charging. $50,000 is too little. 


Lithub reports why all the publishing firms see March as the best time to publish books this year. It’s all about when elections are happening. They also have an interesting article by Laurie Frankel on why she threw away over half her book in revisions. It has to do with Re- Vision.


Colleen Story has an interesting post on 7 things you should give yourself permission to do if you are a writer. Angela Ackerman has the one rule you shouldn’t break!


If you would like to try listening to podcasts on writing, AJ Yee has rounded up 25 of the best podcasts around. I listen to at least half on this list and they are very worthwhile. (Shoutout to the fabulous SPA Girls!)


Katie Weiland has a great post on writing multiple storylines- everything you need to know. I have done this with points of view and it was a great exercise in creativity at the same time as a great headache. Multiple plots is lifting the bar again. 

In The Craft Section,

How to use internal and external conflict- Ali Bumbarger- Bookmark

6 tips for writing a compelling first sentence- Deanna Martinez-Bey

Finessing dialogue- Stephen Geez 

How to write a short story- Hannah Yang- Bookmark

Failure in Fiction- Sue Coletta - Bookmark


In The Marketing Section,

A guide to the avatar target reader- Bookmark

2 Great posts from the Alliance of Independent Authors -Successful rapid release strategies and Money basics for authors.

How to sell books to bookstores- Penny Sansevieri

A super easy way to add amazon reviews to your website- Cori Ramos- Bookmark


To Finish

January is often the month where you get to grips with new projects. Sometimes taking yourself on a writing retreat can get your creative juice moving. Take a look at the Writing Retreat Directory for fancy retreats all over the world. You can check out free or low cost residency programmes for writers as well. Why not grab some writing friends and make a weekend of it. It could be just the boost you need to get into your new project. Or you could see if a publisher will sponsor you to read books on a cruise. 

Combine all three and go on a cruising writers retreat. Yes Writer – there is a cruise for that.





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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Trying To Read The Future

In Publishing News this week…


Publishers Weekly reports that advocates, Library Futures, have some new language for laws about eBook licensing for libraries. With judges previously weighing in that publisher eBook contracts for libraries were unfair, this could be a popular lifeline for everyone instead of a lawsuit.


Publishing Perspectives has an interesting news item from Nielsen that print publishing was almost back to pre Covid levels in the UK. In their wide ranging report about book sales in 2022 there were other little items of interest, paperbacks are back and so is horror. They also asked everyone where they got their book recommendations from.


Everyone has heard of BookTok by now. Have you ever wondered if the influencers get paid for their viral book reviews? Not always and not by the publishers. Vox has an in-depth article on the money behind the viral videos.


You have probably seen gift books with the child’s name personalised in it. Mark Williams of The New Publishing Standard writes about a Spanish publisher who is taking it the next step further with AI.


Jane Friedman has an ask the editor feature on her popular blog. This week she has a post responding to a memoir writer who is worried about lawsuits.


This week Sandra Beckwith decided to play along with a publishing predator and details the elaborate bait and switch tactics they were trying on her. She also details red flags to watch out for.


Joanna Penn has a fascinating interview with Joseph Nassise on writing diversification, emerging technologies and multiple streams of income. Joseph is traditionally published but has lots of other writing side gigs.


This week one of my favourite writing podcasts – Wish I’d Know Then had an interview with Emilia Rose and Michael Evans. They have started a new subscription platform, Ream.Ink, for writers launching in May. In the episode they talk about how subscriptions can be used to test ideas and enhance the reader journey and the tools they have developed for writers. It is a great interview with lots of tips around managing subscriptions, emails, and content delivery, especially if you want to host your own serial writing.

If you are interested in serial writing -check out’s blog post about the best places to publish serials online currently.


Recently Written Word Media published and excellent article on How to make a book marketing plan. This is one for the print out and keep file.


Anne R Allen has an interesting blog post on writing for the web. Different formats apply. As I was reading it I was struck by the comment that the modern paragraph has been shortened because of the web. If you are a certain age you will remember the rules on paragraphs which feed into essays. Web content has changed the way we read and write now.


In The Craft Section,

Creating more authentic characters- Daniel Parsons- Bookmark

The importance of a great opening- Lucy V Hay- Bookmark

Two great posts from K M Weiland-Two ways to write organic themes and How to write interesting scenes-Bookmark

When your book is about too many things -Stephanie Morrill

How to read body language- Sue Coletta- Bookmark



In The Marketing Section,

How to ask for book reviews and why you should- Liz Alterman- Bookmark

What IP rights do I have- Kelley Way

6 ways to overcome interview fright- Alison Nissen

5 ways to build your writer platform- Lucy V Hay- Bookmark

Back cover copy formula- Sue Coletta


To Finish,

Cory Doctorow somehow finds time to write amazing prescient tech thrillers while writing daily longform blogs on how corporates have too much tech power over our lives. Cory has long been a campaigner for freedom from DRM. Because of various DRM issues with Audible’s contract terms he funds and produces his own audiobooks. His latest thriller is set in the world of cryptocurrency. His novels have scenarios that then tend to play out in reality. Keeping an eye on Cory’s work is a way of seeing the future which can give you a heads up in preparing for it.





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Thursday, March 10, 2022

It's All About The Money

This week in publishing news,

It is difficult to look away from the disaster unfolding in Europe. The call went out from the embattled president to the writers and other creators of Russia to speak out the truth of what is happening in Ukraine. In response came orders in Russia for the arrest of anybody who publicly dissented or protested. That is not stopping a lot of brave people. Publishing Perspectives reports on publishers and writers sticking their necks out, along with an article about a brave Ukrainian publisher continuing to work while in a bomb shelter.


Meanwhile on the other side of the world FastCompany reports on the way that book lovers on Tiktok are changing the publishing industry. If an economics magazine is taking notice something must be happening. (The trickle-up effect?)


James Daunt, CEO of Barnes and Nobel, has released his figures for last year and is optimistic about the future. It is an interesting interview on Publishers Weekly. James says he is in the business of selling reading and his main drivers are young people and Booktok. He also has a pick for the breakout hit everyone has been waiting for. It’s a mid-grade book about unicorns.


The biggest news this week has been Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter which I wrote about last week. A quick look shows he has 21 days to go… and he has ticked past $26 million. Kris Rusch breaks down the numbers and shows where Brandon did everything right.- Master class coming right up.


The Alliance of Independent Authors has a great collection of articles. Recently they published another Ultimate Guide, this one On Multiple Streams of Income. If you want to succeed as a writer you have to be able to turn your hand at a few extra moneymaking things.


This week Joanna Penn Interviewed Dharma Kelleher on writer self-doubt and writer's block. Self-doubt about your work can be crippling. This is a great interview- gift yourself some quality time to read/listen to this.


Angela Ackerman is guest posting over on Katie Weilands blog-(2 powerhouses in the same website room.) Her topic 7 Tips For How To Write A Book When You Have No Idea What You’re Doing.


In the Craft Section,

2 great articles from Angela Ackerman- Know your character and Do you want your character to stand out- Bookmark Both

What are pinch points where do they go- Sue Coletta- Bookmark

What makes a good protagonist?- Jack Smith

Author voice vs Narrator voice September Fawkes- Bookmark

Lies, Secrets, and Scars- Lynette Burrows- Bookmark



In The Marketing Section,

Five secrets to generating more sales- Penny Sansevieri- Bookmark

How to Pitch a Story – Now Novel- Bookmark

Social media for authors – Dave Chesson

Drive traffic to your website- Julien Bradley

1000 sign-ups a week? It’s possible- Ashleigh Renard- Bookmark

The business of writing- shorten your learning curve – Angela Ackerman- Bookmark


To Finish,

DIYMFA is an interesting site to trawl around for inspiration. Recently they had an article from Stephanie BwaBwa on Author goal setting using an authorial calendar. Stephanie drills down to the bottom line. Where is the money… how to get it…the steps you need to plan for how to get it.

An interesting tip from Seekerville on buying your own ebooks when they are on sale and then using them for gifts at a later date…


You gotta save money somewhere…





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