Thursday, June 16, 2022

Fishing for the Muse

 In Publishing News 

Recently Spotify CEO Daniel Ek addressed his shareholders and talked about their audiobook strategy. Spotify, known for its streaming and subscription models may be trying something different for audiobooks, a marketplace where you can buy the audiobook, not just stream it. 

In related news Spotify has just bought an AI voice platform…specifically the one that recreated Val Kilmer's voice in the latest Top Gun movie. I wonder what they want to do with it? Audio narration anyone?


The closing of the Costa book prize (previously The Whitbread) has sent a small shock wave through the literary community. Once the dream of many- the world's richest book prize, validation galore. Will there be anything to take its place?


This week Anne R Allen had a Writer Beware post on film scams. Yes, a new scam is on the horizon with scammers reaching out to say they can get your book into Netflix or Hollywood. Read the great article and Be A-Ware of the sneaky way they reel in the unsuspecting.


Staying with fish hooks Writer Beware’s Victoria Strauss has a close look at some copyright language that is so contradictory you don’t know what you are actually agreeing to in the contract. 


When the writing life gets you down the writer can be heard whimpering if only someone paid me to do this my troubles will be over. A fantastic dream? A hedge fund in the UK wants to give writers a salary to just write. The Alliance of Independent Authors looked into it and found there were some good points in the model. If this sounds like you, check it out. 


Kris Rusch continues her learning from the licensing expo series. The publishing industry is fixated on the latest releases, however, the money is in the backlist. That’s what the licensing expo is all about mining the longevity of your IP. The longer the better. Quite fascinating.


Writer Unboxed continues their PR and Marketing series with Ann-Marie Nieves. This week Ann-Marie delves into the differences between them and gets advice from some big writer names on how to make the best of book marketing communication.


In The Craft Section,

How to make your character sympathetic- Mythcreants- Bookmark

7 questions about your first chapter- Abigail Perry

7 essential tips to plan your novel- Beth Barany

They’re all going to die, why does it matter- Jami Gold- 


Make sure the reader knows who’s talking- Emma Darwin- Bookmark


In The Marketing Section,

Paying for a professional book review- Patti Thorn

Promoting a book with hybrid author events- Penny Sansevieri- 


PR and Marketing tips for authors- Ann- Marie Nieves- Bookmark

How to succeed as a non-fiction author- Penny Sansevieri-Bookmark

Instagram reels strategy- Good ideas for book marketing


To Finish,

Sometimes, the muse, packs their bag and leaves town. This can leave the writer struggling and feeling like a fraud. Good News. You are still a writer. Dargan Thompson has an article that picks you up, dusts you off, and gives you a pep talk about how you are still in the game.





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