Thursday, August 20, 2020

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In publishing this week,

There has been a mixed reaction to a publishing company releasing books written under male pseudonyms with their correct gender name. The publishing company is promoting a special collection of books, however, others are asking, is this what the authors would have wanted? Just because we can – should we?


The rapid growth of Amazon (40% over lockdown) has caused more disquiet in the publishing industry. Publishers Weekly reports that American publishing leaders have now written to the American government to get them to curb the tech giant’s growth before it destroys the publishing industry.


Publishing Perspectives recently highlighted Ukraine’s publishing industry woes as publishing in that country has taken a big hit. The New Publishing Standard looks at the global publishing industry. How well, or not, is publishing doing in other markets? This week TNPS published an article on the book trade in Europe. What can we learn from other markets? Will they be saved by the undead also? (YA vampires saved the book industry once…  Midnight Sun rockets past a million copies sold in its first week.) Meanwhile, everyone keeps one eye on the American market.


A piece of news that made me gasp today was a hint at the possible disruption of the audiobook industry. There has been speculation about what this company could do to the audiobook landscape.  TNPS saw the job advert and put a few things together. Enter Spotify…


I am always fascinated by where science and Artificial Intelligence is going. This week I listened to Joanna Penn and Mark Lefebvre have a conversation with voice doubles. It was uncanny… and the possibilities for its use slightly scary. On the other hand, imagine pressing a button at the end of writing your manuscript and having the whole thing read back in your own voice- edit on the page… and then upload as an audiobook.

The Alliance of Independent Authors has been looking at copyright. With rapidly improving AI, copyright is not keeping up. If an AI can write a book in the style of another author who owns the copyright? 


Barb Drozdowich has an interesting article on Anne R Allen’s blog about the psychology of selling and the superfan in book marketing. Limiting choice makes a big difference in selling your books. Angela Ackerman also looked at marketing this week with an examination of FAR marketing. Focus, Authenticity, and relationships.  They are both excellent articles.


Reedsy has updated their book editor and it is pretty spiffy. Check out their free writing program.


In The Craft Section,

How to stay on point in your plot.- Jennie Nash

9 ways to originalise your story idea- Becca Puglisi- Bookmark

Story description- Lynnette Bonner

Transitions- James Scott Bell- Bookmark

How to create a blockbuster- Story Grid- Michael Finberg

Character development-shadow- Antonio del Drago- Bookmark


In The Marketing Section,

4 secrets to book marketing- Frances Caballo

2 articles from Penny Sansevieri - Pitching to be a guest blogger and 

How to connect with influencers on Twitter

How to repurpose audio and video content for social media- Social Media Examiner- Bookmark

Guide to social media image sizes- Social Media Today- Infographic

Must-Do steps for Amazon ebook campaigns- Judith Briles- Bookmark


To Finish,

Recently I congratulated Joanna Penn and the SPA Girls for achieving significant milestones in their podcasts. It takes a special commitment to keep showing up every week to share thoughts and ideas with an audience. Often the audience has no idea what hurdles you have overcome to be present in that time and space. Kristine Rusch is also celebrating a milestone with her publishing business posts. She talks about the time when she thought there was nothing more to say and then the world changed. It’s a great post from a great voice in publishing. She has done it all and has wide-ranging knowledge of the publishing industry. Learn From The Masters, people. 





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