Thursday, August 23, 2018

Angst, Perfection and Envy- The Writer Triple Threat.

Is the sky falling? 
This week there seems to be all the angsty opinion pieces about the death of reading because of Social Media or ..... (fill in latest fad.) Publishing Perspectives has an open letter from the Authors Guild about Big Tech Content being a threat to writers.
I can’t help thinking that this is Back to School angst in the Northern Hemsiphere.

Nate Hoffelder looks at the weeks biggest news in publishing... Walmart and Kobo’s new ebook venture. Everybody waiting to see how it goes. What is interesting is about five years ago I was following tech companies that had Ebook gift cards on shelf didn’t get much traction.  Kobo and Walmart seem to be bringing that technology back. Will it work this time?

Derek Murphy has a stellar guest post on Anne R Allen’s blog on 10 mistakes I made as an Indie. It’s a must read. Derek wraps up common problems offers solutions and resources. It is a long post chock full of great advice. 

Joanna Penn has a great little video on writer priorities. She is examining her writer business and making changes. Do you need to to be asking yourself hard questions about writer goals? 

Is perfection an art or author sabotage? Judith Briles examined this question on The Book Designer blog this week. I so needed to read this. Sometimes I need someone to say... Let it go out into the world... 

Katie Weiland is always a must go to website for her great posts on writing craft as well as her in depth articles on character. She has some great writng craft books too. I was interested in this weeks post on Writer Envy. Everybody needs to read this post. It’s a good explanation on why we suffer it and what we can do about it.

I always like to lead into the Writing Craft and Marketing Link section with something craft related. Now Novel has a huge post on 30 character flaws. This is a good run down on how to deepen your characters.

In The Craft Section,

Two great posts from Janice Hardy - How to slash your word count while editing- and What to do in act two - Bookmark

Balancing multiple viewpoints- Fictorians- Bookmark

And Angela also has this cool list of great tools- check out weavesilk... addictive!

In The Marketing Section,

Platform building and related terrors- David Gaughran- Bookmark

Optimizing book review process- Joanna Penn- Bookmark

When 60 is the new 50 – pages to submit to agents- Agent Janet Reid

How to build a following with uniqueness- Travis Jonker-Dan Blank- Bookmark

To Finish,

Dave Chesson has an interesting podcast and suite of Author products. Here he has collected all the book title genenerator tools in one handy list. It doesn’t matter what genre you write there is a title generator for you.


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