Thursday, October 13, 2016

Publishing Diagnosis

It’s that time of the year again when the quarterly Author Earnings report comes out. After 27 months of the data arrows for indie publishing going only up... this quarter they didn’t. 
Is this the beginning of the end? Are there earthquakes in publishing on the horizon?
Publishing Perspectives has a measured examination of the data. There are some interesting takeaways, especially if you are a traditionally published print based author.

James Scott Bell has been thinking about the publishing industry recently too. He wrote a great article on what authors need to know about the publishing industry today.

Porter Anderson talks to UK publisher Rebecca Smart about the need for flexibility in publishing. She was being interviewed ahead of the Frankfurt Book fair on the health of pre Brexit UK publishing.

This week Alli founder Orna Ross published an article telling Indies not to pay for Book Marketing services until they knew what the reality was. Orna was highlighting a real problem in the new author world, that of knowledge. You don’t know what you don’t know. Along with this there are some predatory firms out there targeting new authors helping to part them from their money. Alli have some good news on that front.

Beth Hill talks about getting ready for NaNoWriMo. October is prep month and Beth has some ideas for you to try to get ready. A successful month depends on planning well first.

Angela Ackerman has a great roundup of resources for writers looking to elevate their craft. Long time readers of this blog will recognise quite a few names as they have featured in my weekly roundups from time to time. There are some great writing craft books in there as well.

In The Craft Section,

Series beginnings- Mary Kole- Bookmark

Working backwards to define the plot- Janice Hardy Bookmark

In The Marketing Section,

Writing career business plan- Janalyn Voigt - Bookmark

Jane Friedman has a guest post on Facebook ads- Bookmark!

To Finish,

Joanna Penn has a great article on creativity. How to find and capture ideas for a novel. The best thing for a writer is to be curious. You have to exercise the idea muscle often. Start small and then one day you will discover ideas hitting you from all over the place. Capturing them is the best medicine.

Maureen Crisp

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