Thursday, May 5, 2011

Better Than Gold...

This last week has made me stop and think about friend relationships and how precious they are. 

When one of your friends is fighting for their life in hospital, you do stop and reflect on how much that friendship means to you and why. You do want to know that you have done everything in your power to help and support them because frankly you are not ready to deal with the hole in your life should they not be there.

This thinking leads on to an examination of your own life, (nothing like ICU with all the waiting around with other families facing similar or worse scenarios to get you thinking.) Am I doing what I should be doing with my life?

I have to say Yes. I love researching for this blog. I love all my writer friends. (Online/offline) I love the weird questions we ask each other, the laughter, tears, and shared wine, coffee and agony of waiting on the manuscript outcome.

I want to say Thanks Fifi, for getting me into this blogging game... Thanks all of you for reading and sharing writery thoughts with me via facebook, twitter or commenting or blogging or emailing or ringing me up or seeing me at book events...The value of friends outstrips the value of gold.

So what do I have for my friends today....

For those of you who are looking at independent publishing, How not to publish your print on demand book and How to get your ebook noticed, are great articles to read and get ideas from. Bob Mayer also has a great article on what it takes to succeed...

For those looking at the craft of writing, staring at your latest Manuscript and thinking there must be a better way to tell this...

For those friends who have to get their head around self promotion and marketing, Kristen Lamb has a great post on helping you to understand that You are the brand, not the book...and why some marketers get author branding so wrong.

If you are interested, and I am, in what other children’s writers are doing to collectively share the self promotion load have a look at Kidslitauthorsclub. (NB.The FaBo team is about to get underway again soon...)

If you are feeling like a possum caught gazing into the headlights of the publishing change train...mesmerised by the possibilities...Take a look at a new phone app that has you writing and publishing online...from your phone. And there is a great audio interview with Seth Godin on the new face of publishing up on Litopia.

Over on Craicerplus (my Amplify page) I have links to articles on

Publishers Obsessions with IPads Elitist?

Bookstore Events- Hints for Success.

Adverts in Books- Watch This Space...(Ads in ebooks are being discussed...who will get the income? Can the author control the ads?....because it will happen, the publishers are trying to stay afloat by any means.)

Where Are The Male Writers?

E publishing Success - How Do They Do It?

To Finish,

Children’s writer, Neil Gaiman, was called “a pencil necked weasel thief”, this week, by a Republican Senator in the House of Representatives (USA) for accepting a cheque for a speaking engagement of $45,000 last year in Minnesota. 

Anybody who knows about Gaiman’s huge charity work and this event in particular knows the Senator made a very bad call...It is all over the internet...Neil blogged about it this morning in an effort to deflect the press from constantly interrupting him asking for comment.

All the money was donated to charity as Neil always does. The huge speaking fee is an attempt by Neil to stem the massive flood of requests to speak at when an organisation fronts up with the cash...Neil donates it. The Library System in Minnesota had to use the remaining cash in their budget for writers to rural libraries or lose it back to the government and get their budget cut for next year. Neil lives in the area...perfect sense really.

The senators server has crashed...

Moral of the story;
Check your facts and don’t try to bully someone with 1,556,000 followers on Twitter.  

Happy things on the horizon...
Cassandra Clare is visiting Wellington on her Mortal Instruments tour. (Auckland is in for a great treat at the festival.)

My friend may go into a ward soon.


pic Neil Gaiman's poster for a Parkinson's awareness charity project.


TK Roxborogh said...

And I hadn't realised until now how much I relied on YOU doing all the searching for me and for my students.

Like you, like Fifi, how wonderful it is to have such generous FRIENDS.

Mortality or the threat of it brings us face to face with what is really important. I was going through a terrible time recently with a family member but then a student died suddenly and it was all brought into perspective - at least I wasn't burying a child. However, that is not to say that
we don't acknowledge the hurt and heartache disappointment and other bad stuff has on us and our families.

What is the most important thing? It is people! It is people! It is people!
Naku noa, Maureen.

Sarah Billington said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Life does get in the way of really cherishing and appreciating the people we have in our lives, doesn't it?
When you speak of funny conversations writers have on Facebook...I feel that was a direct reference to me yesterday, wasn't it... :)

Maureen said...

Got to agree with you Tania! It is People!

On the research thing...What better excuse do I have to do it than This would be great for Tania's year 12's...
However all experiences are research as well...and I have been filing away experiences in ICU from a patients point of view. Staff have been wonderful as I quiz them on a scenario that I have been playing around with for four months...

Maureen said...

Your question on facebook was exactly what I was thinking about! I had to laugh...and as my parents were visiting at the time,they were a good source of information to answer your question. The best reply I reckon was from your friend who suggested a ditz arrive at the petrol station with an incense burner to overcome the bad karma...
What a way to blow up a petrol station!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out to Writers In the Storm on our "How To Get Your E-Book Noticed" blog. We appreciate it! I'll be sure to let Lyn know since she wrote it...she'll be excited. :-)

~Jenny Hansen

Maureen said...

My pleasure! you guys are great!

Lyn Horner said...

I'm thrilled by your recommendation of my blog, Getting Your E-Book Noticed. I hope some of your readers find it helpful. It's the latest in my Publishing With Amazon series -- guest blogged for Writers In The Storm. Another installment will be out this week.

Thank you so much for the mention!

Maureen said...

Hi Lyn,
I look forward to reading the next installment!

Jenny Milchman said...

Great resources & tips--thank you. I clicked through half your links!

Jenny Milchman said...

Also--I do hope your friend recovers and that the hard time resolves, leaving just friendship and connection in its place.

Maureen said...

Thanks Jenny,
I'm glad you like the links this week.
My Friend started to get better once they put a tracheotomy in. However there is still a lot of equipment attached to him to keep him with us.

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