Thursday, July 8, 2010

Looking Into The Mad Crazy Fun Future

We can go public now…
A team of New Zealand Children’s writers have got together to do a mad thing… Write a story…
Not so mad you think?
Well how about having no idea of the plot and having only one week to follow up another writers chapter in public…hmmmm
Now add a friendly competition involving New Zealand kids also writing a follow up chapter along side the writers.
Yup… Mad… Crazy…FUN.

The FaBo Story project is underway. The first chapter gets posted on the Fabo Story website in the middle of the first week of term and then it’s Game On!
(and yes if you scroll to the bottom you will find some familiar names heheheheh)

So while I’m away on holiday to mentally prepare for the above big project today’s blog post will be shorter.

Moriah Jovan has been putting some thoughts together about writing now and why writers have to look at other ways to get income. She also suggests Editors go freelance,Book Designers concentrate on ebook formatting as there is a real need for these skills and Indexers and Publishers should be looking to lift their game with new digital referencing.
Lots of little thoughts but put together make a powerful message.

The Guardian this week has an article on iphone apps that are being developed to accompany books. Iain M Banks has a new book out and the iphone app to accompany it will have lots of little goodies just like a DVD movie extras segment.(nice to know I’m ahead of the trend)

Highspotinc have made a compelling case for the future format of books…sorry they think that it will all be digital…however they divide book publishing into ebooks, print on demand (POD) and collectors edition hardcopy print books like JK Rowling’s jewel encrusted hand written copies of Beedle The Bard.
Audio books seem to be a different kettle of fish as the commentators on this article discuss.

So in the future the Fabo Story could be available as an ebook, a POD book, an audio book, on video, and as a collector’s edition with a jewel encrusted cover  and iphone app with hidden extras….Oh the possibilities…

As I have been away from my regular computer…nothing new to report on Craicerplus but if you haven’t had time to check out previous articles on it, take some time now to have a trawl through. Just click the blue Amplify button on the right.



Justin B said...

Fabo sounds like a fabo idea!! May the most fabulous writer(s) fabricate a grand story.

Maureen said...

Hi Justin,
Yes, we are all excited. Since we put out the media release we have had heaps of positive comments!
In two weeks it's going to be manic....heheheheheh

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