Thursday, April 23, 2009

3 big ideas with links to even more big ideas...

My inner geek rejoices.

Scientists have found another near earth like planet in Glisese 581. e to go with d that they discovered in 2007
That brings the total of exoplanets up to 347.

This is truly the decade of space exploration. I think the announcement of the discovery of this little planet(ok 1.9 times the size of Earth so not that little) this week is fitting as a testament to Stephen Hawking who is lying gravely ill in England. Stephen has often stated that the future of the human species lies in space.

Ta muchly to P J Hoover of The spectacle blog for alerting all her fellow geek kids writers out there.

Jumped onto Jane Friedman’s blog today. She is regularly posting the best twitter updates she see’s on her blog and today is no exception.

What a comprehensive list and the fun bit is that it that it can definitely apply to children’s bookshops (John.... Malcolm....go take a look) but also Authors and Illustrators could probably apply some of the ways directly to their own business. Actually if you know anyone operating a small business send them on over to take a look.

Twitter is good for something....Posting the title of your latest blog post...drives traffic to your website.

Penguin have just released some teachers notes to go with my book and I would like to thank the teacher who wrote them. They are very good and just what I would have done if I was still in the classroom, probably not in so much detail tho. After all this book would have been one reading group out of five and the reading ages in my middle school classrooms used to range from emergent to teen...but it’s a great resource to have.

On the conference front...(oh no I hear you sigh) things are continuing to come together slowly. However we have tied down a fantastic master class for Illustrators today...I would love to go on their mystery trip...I wonder if I can convince Fifi that I am really an up and coming Illustrator...

No probably not-she’s seen my stick figures.... (darn –that trip is soooo brilliant....sigh )


pic is an artists impression of Gliese 581 e


PJ Hoover said...

Oh, so glad you're reading The Spectacle! And I love news like this, and am thrilled others do to!
Take care over there!

Maureen said...

HI Trish,
I enjoy reading the spectacle blog and I am sooo impressed by the content. I like writing sci fi that's how I got into astronomy. However none of my sci fi has been picked up so I write it for myself read geeky mags and dream and try to convince my kids to become astronauts.
Has the sequel(Bk2) to Emerald Tablet come out yet?

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Maureen! It would be way cool if your kids became astronauts! Definitely something to brag about :)

The second book comes out in October, but I did just recently get the cover (which I'm thinking you figured out from my icon)!
Thanks for asking!

Maureen said...

ahhh cunning plan...and good marketing...send that cover out into the world tell your mum to order a dozen copies on amazon...heeheeheehee.
I love your teeshirts by the way. I think you have a real design talent in geeky fun science teeshirts. After all in this chancy business of children's writing you might make more from the cool tee shirts you design.....(go to PJ Hoovers blog to see what I mean)

Stacy Nyikos said...

Love that they found another planet like earth. Now if we could just get to them. You know, I wanted to be a astrophysicist when I was a kid, until I got to the hard sciences in high school and pretty much freaked out. Chemistry killed me. Didn't like biology either. But physics wasn't too shabby. I'd love to orbit the earth just once...

Maureen said...

ooooohhh same, same.
My personal poster that I always had in everyone of my classrooms was of Buzz Aldrin standing on the moon. I would love to see earth rise for myself....Thats the cool picture of the earth floating in space above the surface of the moon...ahhhh...geekdom....

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