Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To Do...a neat little description....

Well back to Blogland...second on my to do list today. If you looked at my to do list you will see no housework jobs... kid related tasks or WIP...they don’t happen until there is nothing else on my to do list (this is my vain hope)....hahaha...My to do list only rarely gets finished because....housework and kid related stuff often shoulders in and smacks me around the face!!! I attempted to be good and do some research but am aware as always that the magazines I got from the library on cutting edge tech are now overdue and I’ve only looked at one of them.

In my defence I have nearly cracked the last funding application for The National Conference of Children’s Writers and Illustrators.....I want a shorter acronym or a pithy little description of the event.

My own offering of “Janet and John grow up and leave home”...was queried by a newbie to WCBA who didn’t get the humour and wondered if it was just too old fashioned.

Oh well if anyone else can come up with something be my guest...but it has to be interesting, relevant to the industry of children’s writing and illustration and humorous coz we do like a laugh in children’s writing.

Which brings me to my book, BONES....

I have posted deleted scenes (humorous ones) on the book blog. Just click on the cover of the book in the sidebar and it will take you straight there.

I hope you enjoy them. I have had a few kids now, come up to me in the play ground to say that they have enjoyed the book. (That’s the best thing really...hanging out in the playground talking books with kids, extra nice if it’s your book they are talking about.)


Just a wee note, Emily did make me pay...announcing at Mass what I had done so my carefully seperate other life has become public....and Trish made the most wonderful cake celebrating the launch...little did she know I had dedicated the book to her.

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Johanna Knox said...

Maureen, that really is great cake.

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