Thursday, February 28, 2019

Need Chocolate- STAT

This week around the publishing blogosphere seemed to be filled with stories about how to manage
creativity during stressful times. If you have been following social media I guess you
would be feeling overwhelmed at the relentless negativity on display.
So here are a few posts designed to help you put everything into perspective.

Joanna Penn has a great post on Imposter syndrome…. We all suffer from it…

Ruth Harris has an outstanding post on decision fatigue. You might not even know you are suffering
from this in your writing life until you run down Ruth’s list.

September Fawkes has a great post on taking risks as part of the creative process.
No this doesn’t mean dodging traffic… but how often are you talked out of doing something by the
voices in your head telling you not to take the risk…

Kris Rusch puts the writing life into perspective as she examines priorities.
What is your number one priority… hint it shouldn’t be your writing.

Last week I mentioned the big scandal that has the hashtag #copypastecris  
Mixed up in that mess were Ghostwriters. There are legitimate Ghostwriters out there and it is a writing job.
Shiloh Walker talks about how writers choose to be ghostwriters.

Have you thought about the emotional journey that you take when you are writing your book?
I didn’t until I read this interesting post on the emotional journey of writing fantasy by Rachel Hartman.  

Every year/book project I challenge myself to do a deep dive into an aspect of the writing craft.
This year it is scene construction. I was fascinated to read this great post (several times)
on crafting a scene by Suzanne Lakin (C S Lakin)
This is a BOOKMARK post and I’ve ordered Martha’s book as well.

In The Craft Section,

Beginning from the middle- Writer’s Digest- Bookmark

Writing Action- Mythic Scribes - Bookmark

In The Marketing Section,

Author Super Powers with Street Teams - Angela Ackerman- Bookmark

To Finish,

Sometimes all you want to do is get away from the world and retreat to a happy place
where it is just you and your writing project. A writing retreat…
If you find yourself day- dreaming about writing cruises or holidays… and you know it will never happen…
This post is for you! How to plan the DIY Writing Retreat.   (Don’t forget to take chocolate.)


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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Running To A Standstill

This week around the blogosphere there was consternation as
a plagiarism scandal erupted and grew bigger by the hour.

As events unfolded the writer in question blamed the ghost writers that she hired to write books
with her name on it… and therein lies the problem. If you have your name on it then it must have
come from you and been approved by you. As the plagiarised writer,  an ex-supreme court lawyer,
said on Twitter… you picked the wrong person here.
Unfortunately she was not the only writer targeted... at last count 27 writers had been picked up.
Kris Rusch outlines the very reasons why this mess happened and why you should be very
clear in writing cooperatively, however you do it.  

If you have been on social media lately you will have seen all the hype around the new Masterclass
with Neil Gaiman. Actually Neil is everywhere… Good Omens is coming out, American Gods is in
a second season...  Masterclass must be rubbing hands all the way to the bank. So if you have been
on the fence about shelling out for this…you might like this article about
whether it is worth doing a class with Mr Gaiman...or Ms Attwood.

Are you a company of one?
Joanna Penn interviewed Paul Jarvis on how to approach your writer business if it’s just you.

It’s Book Fair season around the world.  The New Publishing Standard keeps an eye on
the international book fairs with India having record attendances lately but they aren’t the only ones.
Belgium has just racked up record attendances too Is print back?
Meanwhile London is expanding their offering and opening up to podcasts.
(It’s all about audio you know….)

Nate Hoffelder pointed out in his blog this week that there is a new wordpress plugin that gets
Alexa to read your blog for you as a podcast and if that isn’t enough to be going on with...
in Joanna Penn’s latest podcast interview with Will Dages of Findaway voices the discussion touched on
a future copyright IP- for your author voice.

Are you worried about finding your ideal reader- The Superfan who will
buy all your books, shout your name to the heavens, and leap to do your every bidding?  
Anne R Allen has the blog post for you... Should writers despair if they don’t have superfans?
It must have struck a chord… there are a pile of comments.

Penny Sansevieri has an interesting post on 4 common book marketing complaints.
Check them out just in case you are doing something wrong and don’t know it.

Reedsy is getting into the book review business… which surprised me.
They have trusted book reviewers for a price… but then you are just marketing to other authors…
Maybe I’m missing something.

Scott Meyers has a great post on his screenwriting blog about writing sprints…
Yes you can achieve much when you write against the clock especially with others
but don’t forget that a writing walk is just as good… you’ll need your running shoes tho.

In The Craft Section,

2 great posts from Angela Ackerman- When character flaws go too far and Exploring the dark side of your hero - Bookmark Both.

10 steps guide to the likable hero - Captain America -K M Weiland- Bookmark

In The Marketing Section,

Using Twitter for your author platform- No wasted ink- Bookmark

To Finish,

If you are really in a hurry for that book… check out the Book Espresso machine.
They are becoming more common in book stores in the U.S. Walk in… order the book…
it gets printed while you wait…
Print can be almost as fast as buying an ebook.



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