Thursday, July 12, 2012

Looking Sideways

This week I have spent a lot of time staring out through car windows as we have traveled the length of the North Island. We don’t usually travel this trip in mid winter and the familiar summer landscape morphed into unfamiliar with ice and snow touches which generated lots of interest inside the car. The volcanoes looked spectacular and we detoured to give the kids an hour playing in the snow.

My reward for driving the tricky mountain icy road and taking lots of pictures of my snow loving family was to spend a good hour chatting with my fellow FaBo writing team member Kathy White as we plotted dastardly twists that we could put into the next FaBo story...heheheheh.

Fabo 3 gets underway next week, so tell a child near you to check it out. Nine writers...a story that twists and turns...and a challenge to KIWI KIDS to try an outwrite us every week for prizes and fame...and coz we might need some ringers when we need a break....

Today I have been thinking about the marketing options writers have with movies....I hear you all saying WELL DUH! but it is bigger than that. Popular teen authors have this whole movie buy in sorted. They get their fans to come up with dream casting of their favourite characters... promote and discuss these...and if they have a film option generate hype for every little piece of news...this of course feeds into the books...with competitions for best fan book cover, best fan book cover for movie tie poster art with your dream cast...etcetc. What makes this a marketing mania tour de force is that the books titles are constantly being talked about in a sort of sideways move.

Today Cassandra Clare, having a keen finger on the fan pulse, had a pivotal piece of news to share with her fans on the casting of a major character in the City Of Bones movie. She told her fans she wouldn’t reveal it until they made it a trending topic in Twitter. One hour later it was the worldwide trending topic and she had to spill the beans. Cassandra is generating huge hype for the movie but at the same time those books are getting pushed in front of everyone. Not bad when she has two more books to go to wrap up two series and launch a third.

Catherine Ryan Hyde, she of Pay It Forward fame, talks about what happens when Hollywood gets hold of your book and then rewrites does an author cope...

Both of these posts look at author marketing in a slightly different way. The next two links help you to understand what is going on. Betty Ming Liu teaches social media in her journalism class and she has put together the guide to the best way to use Twitter. This is how I use Twitter and how I tell others to use this tool.

Catherine Ryan Howard talks Google and SEO which is something that authors need to understand...especially Metadata. How does a search engine even find your book?

LJN Dawson reminds us that this whole book explosion thing is recent and nobody has a handle on Metadata...but we should.

Chuck takes a look at 25 Bad writing behaviours....(warning It’s be prepared to have your hair stand up! You will nod and laugh sheepishly at the same time tho.)

Laura Hazard Owen talks about the new publishing kid on the block for women pay but they interesting model that may well point to the way of the future!

Agent Rachelle Gardner talks about 7 ways that writers give up their power and why this is not a good thing.

For the illustrators out there Debbie Ridpath Ohi has the most magnificent helpful collection of blogs for writers...but she is a talented kids book illustrator. She has started a blog just for kids book illustrators...which you should check out!

In the craft section
K M Weiland talks about you struggle with it?

Janice Hardy talks about filtering...that is words that distance the reader from the POV character.

Agent Mary Kole talks about a common problem she sees often in manuscripts...when the problem is too difficult...the characters become unbelievable...

Writer Unboxed has a stand out post on the curse of the middle book..that is the one in the middle of a trilogy...How do you get it to stand on its own when everybody knows it’s the middle book!!!

To finish,
Ollin Morales always has an interesting blog and this piece on the ten rules of grammar all writers need is an inspiring reminder to look at rules sideways.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kling On To Warmth...

It must be winter...Metservice New Zealand is warning us to wear three layers and a windproof layer. Fog has shut our biggest airport and we are over rain.
So huddle up next to the heater...US readers find a working air conditioner...and let me share what has been happening in the blogosphere this week.

Porter Anderson takes a close look at Hugh McGuire’s TEDX piece on whether ebooks will be around in five years...(It’s ebooks Jim but not as we know it.)

Writer Beware gets annoyed with people who confuse copywrite and rights...and reposts her informative breakdown on how to tell the difference. (Is it a Tribble?)

Kristin Lamb has a must read post on Internet trolls and what to do about them...If you are not sure whether you are one, check out the post... (First check... are you wearing a redshirt?)

The writing bomb has a post on common lies Self Publishers believe. This is a great post to make you think about the lies we all tell ourselves in the publishing game. (Fascinating....lift your eyebrow the Spock way.)

The writers guide to epublishing takes a look at the myths of Traditional Publishing.
 If you read both articles you will have an all around understanding of the flux of publishing today...(Rumours of my assimilation are greatly exaggerated...)

Lynda Young has a useful post to help you control the chaos in your life so you can get some writing done. (Make it so!)

In the craft section
A great post on restraining yourself from putting in huge amounts of sensory detail.

Joel has a handy list of tips to check if your MS is ready for publication...this is fine detail stuff folks and good to remind yourself to check before hitting send

Larry Brooks gives another perspective in writing scenes for you to try.

Writer Unboxed puts the spotlight on using strengthan your writing.

Querytracker has five ways to polish up your manuscript so it shines...start by reading it backwards....

To finish,

Funny, informative and something to pass on to any writer you know...
Engage Warp Speed People!

(written wearing my new mittens so my cold hands can feel the keyboard...Star Trek quotes coz the kids are on holiday and we need a bit of fun in this cold weather.)
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