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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Against the crowd

Last weekend I travelled up to Auckland to take part in a workshop on eBooks.
My bit was to tell attendees what I discovered when I decided to make Craic an eBook.
In a nutshell - Know what you are getting into, (Publishing- Dean Wesley Smith has a great post on that.) 
Remember that you want to do the best work that you can, so pay attention to detail...because you are going to be putting your name on this product and you don’t want your name to stand for a crappy reading experience.

The workshop was a great success. The organisers made sure there was information available for everyone at all stages of the e publishing spectrum. I’m sure by the end of the day attendee’s were wishing that they had brought spare heads to help them process what was coming at them.

You may need to grab your spare head for help with understanding this week’s dramatic change in the world of epublishing. Microsoft are partnering with Barnes and Noble. 
Barnes and Noble are a book store chain with their own ereader, Nook, who are in competition with Amazon. Microsoft is...well who hasn’t heard of Microsoft?

While we are on the subject of ereaders, epublishing and the rise of the independent writer... Passive Guy takes issues with some of Mike Shatzkin’s comments on how no big writers have gone indie yet and why. This is a good read, giving you an overview on the current issues facing writers as they weigh up options. Especially interesting are the comments from some big authors....

 One of the biggest challenges in the decision to go how to be noticed by your readers. Marketing is so important and so hard to do, if you are an introverted writer sitting in a closet somewhere. So here are a few links that may help you to open the closet door.

Mid Grade writer Shelli Johannes has taken a hard look at what worked and what didn’t in her Indie experiment...The numbers are interesting and so is what not to do....

Amazon has announced their next big move in their publishing stuff....especially kids series on screen...Check out what they are looking for.

For those writers who love a challenge... Storyaday is the thing to do for May.

To finish
Those that have been following me for a while know that I am interested in author collectives and how they support each other and market their work.

Check out this delicious it!  (Hey FaBo Team are you watching?)

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