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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Win a free weekend

The tag line says it all. In a new twist, author gives away a first-class weekend in London to promote his book.

So you think a free weekend huh....who is this guy....This idea is the brain child of an author PR firm. I guess it helps that the author in question has written a Wall St crime thriller book and is supposed to be one of the hottest bachelors in London. No expense spared in the prize either....Take a look

I found this on a free PR site. Just a simple google search can bring up all sorts of things...and spark all sorts of ideas. So remember when I said 'write your own book reviews and post them... ' here is something else you can do while you are waiting for the book deal. Write your own press release and post it here.

Or better yet sponsor someone to the Spinning Gold conference...(shameless plug for the conference in September. )

Thanks to Barbara who emailed me a message to say my Kiwi bites Book ‘Bones’ is Number 2 in the popularity stakes with Wheelers Books... My small moment of fame sandwiched between Margaret Mahy and David Hill (great for the ego sitting next to these two stellar writers) however fame is fleeting and I see today I’m number 14.

The pic is The Labyrinth. (big news in our house...most weekends spent on it...)

The largest outdoor mosaic-ed one in the Southern Hemisphere. I worked on the building of it ten years ago when it was situated in the grounds of a retreat house. It has been shifted...a mammoth job... to the grounds of Lower Hutt Hospital and I am on the team rebuilding it. It reopens March 1.

I could say a lot about it... but this blog is supposed to be about children's writing and marketing ideas...


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