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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meeting Stacy across the Blogosphere

A couple of posts ago I said 'go on, just try reading some blogs and commenting on a few that interest you.'

I did this last week on Stacy Nyikos’s blog where I learned that she was writing a book called Pelorus Jack. Stacy lives in Oklahoma and has just had her first mid grade novel, Dragon Wishes, published. She is a member of the class of 2k8.

Stacy announced that she was coming to New Zealand to do some research. I wrote back telling her what the weather was and if she was in Wellington to shout out.

Stacy Nyikos is in Wellington now researching at the National Library before she goes down to D’Urville island. We met over coffee in the library cafe yesterday. What an interesting lady...I had lots of questions...I still have lots of questions about the state of publishing in the US. How 2k8 works...

I learned lots of things. I laughed, was moved, all in all, 90 minutes flew by.

Welcome to the Blogosphere.

Dip your toe in and get the chance to meet and share with people from all over the world so that when you do finally meet them for the first time... they are old friends.

The world needs more communication among ordinary people.

I know that Stacy is going to love the ‘Sounds.’ I am sure that they will love her back! (witty... charming...)

Welcome to New Zealand, Stacy!

One day I hope to turn up in the US and enjoy a coffee with an online friend I met over the world wide blogosphere. I know it will be just as amazing as yesterdays meeting with Stacy Nyikos in Wellington New Zealand.

Maureen...(you know how I hate gushing...I’m not gushing...I’m not...I’m just knocked out by the surreal experiences I have with blogging...)

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