Thursday, May 19, 2022

Take A Chance



In Publishing News this week,

Publishing Perspectives reported on the exit of Andy Ventris, London Book Fair’s new director. He was tasked with getting LBF back after covid… but only directing one fair and then leaving was not foreseen by anyone. 


The Germans are serving up NFT’s with their premier non-fiction prize. This is a tentative step by the book industry to admit that NFT’s might be something to keep an eye on. However, if you want to get into NFT’s you need to know a little bit about cryptocurrency and this week has not been good in the cryptocurrency world.


Melodie Campbell has a guest post on Anne R Allen’s blog on why writing in a series is a good idea. It’s all about money… 


Jennie Nash has shared an excerpt from her book, Blueprint for Non-Fiction on Jane Friedman’s blog. Do you know your internal why and your external why? They are different and both are important.


Kris Rusch has the second in her current series on Why Writers Fail. This week she is delving into why established writers fail, it is all to do with FEAR.


On the Writers Fun Zone blog, D F Hart has a guest post on accounting for authors. This is a fascinating post – I know it doesn’t sound like it, but it is. This is a romance/crime writer with an MBA explaining how to look at the numbers in your writing business.


Sticking with numbers, Mary Moore has an interesting post on word count goals in the three act structure. This also applies to memoir and non-fiction.


This week Sandy Vaile tackled the four essential elements you need to nail to have a workable novel.  Sandy dives into explaining transforming ideas, story purpose, and driven characters along with conflict!


In the Craft Section,

How to outline a memoir- Reedsy- Bookmark

Archetype and Story structure K M Weiland- Bookmark

Stand out Characters- Angel Ackerman

2 great posts from Colleen Story- How to get back into writing and How to get over the feeling that your 

story is stupid

Plot Twists- Jerry Jenkins- Bookmark


In The Marketing Section,

Content Marketing- Grindboss- Bookmark

Savvy copywriting-Angela Booth

Author websites in 2022- Alliance of Independent Authors- Bookmark

How to pitch a story- Now Novel- Bookmark

18 Book Marketing tips – Sandra Beckwith – Bookmark

Why branding confuses you- Rachel Thompson 


To Finish,

Lately, I’ve been checking in with writing friends, long phone calls, and texts along with in-person hanging out at Book launches. I am blessed to have some great writing buddies who can pick me up, sort me out or just provide a listening ear when I’m angsting about something. This great post from Cindy Sproles explains why you need good writing friends. If you find yourself sitting in a conference somewhere feeling lost, take a chance, and reach out to someone. It might be the best thing you ever do for your writing.





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