Thursday, August 26, 2021

Are We There Yet?

Around the world, there are murmuring from publishers about getting back to face-to-face book fairs. Three weeks ago I was hearing the same conversations at the New Zealand Book Awards and now here we are in lockdown. Mark Williams of The New Publishing Standard talks about the last-minute cancellation of Beijing’s bookfair and the new normal going forward for book fairs.


The big news if you are an Erotica writer is the closing off of websites and income that were previously open to you due to banking regulators tightening up rules. The Alliance of Independent Authors news team talks about the latest developments in a fast-changing story and a possible solution. 


Kris Rusch has an interesting article this week on social shopping. If you miss shopping with your friends there is an app for you. (There is always an app.) How can authors turn this into a social experience for readers?


Anne R Allen has a great guest post on negotiating author agreements from Joseph Perry. This is a good roundup of terms to be familiar with when you look at your own contracts. Just remember you can change your contract- You don’t have to take everything they say. 


If you have come across the term author platform and are struggling with it, read this great article from Rachel Thompson. 


Scott Myers has an interesting article on organising your writing time. 


Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi have a team of guest writing coaches that they feature on their website. This week Suzanne Lakin is back with a fantastic post on nailing the purpose of your novel's scene. It’s a must read! 


In The Craft Section,

Using triggers for emotional wounds- Angela Ackerman

How interviews can help a book project- Shalene Gupta- Bookmark

Style sheets – Ruth Harris – Bookmark

Writing emotions effectively- Litreactor- Bookmark

Describing old characters-Kathy Steinnmann


In The Marketing Section,

Boost your chances for a Bookbub featured deal- Bookmark

Author collaboration – does it work?- Angela Ackerman- Bookmark

Use your Amazon bio- Penny Sansevieri

Fun September holidays for marketing- Sandra Beckwith- Bookmark

Facebook ads for books – Dave Chesson – Bookmark


To Finish,

You have a great idea. You know there is a story in there. Where do you start? Ross Hartmann has a great article on how to expand your story idea, where to start from and what questions to ask. 


Sometimes it is really hard to get motivated to write. Lockdown can either drive creativity or completely sap it. Look after yourself and your mental health. Schedule a dance party for one.






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