Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clearing Your Head

This week has been a whirlwind of new projects to get stuck into... 

I was talking with a friend recently about the hazard of starting new projects. You know you need to get started but the detritus from the last project or the four others you have going simultaneously stop you from getting into a clear headspace.
Chuck Wendig has written his latest 25 things post on this very topic. (Warning it’s Chuck, be prepared to laugh, wince and cover your ears.)

Bob Mayer has been busy this week attending the Digital Book World Discoverability conference. He blogs about each day's speakers and takeaways for authors facing the Brave New World.
Bob also repeats his rant taking writers to task for not valuing their time and expertise. They shouldn’t appear so grateful to do something for free. His rant got lots of comment and he even has the link to Harlen Ellison's famous YouTube rant on the subject which should be required watching for all writers.

Colin Falconer has an interesting blog post on the changing attitudes of readers and what the future holds now that we have book espresso machines popping up all over the place.

Chuck Sambuchino of Writers Digest has a look at query letters and 9 FAQs about them.

The Passive Guy looks at the changing faces of Sci fi and Fantasy How can you tell the difference? The comments are really enlightening. These genres are really changing with mash ups happening all over the place, Paranormal Steampunk SpaceOpera on a Dystopian Planet anyone?

Marta Acosta has written an excellent blog post on working with Audible Amazon’s audiobook creator service...and what it means to her back list.

The craft list is dominated by tools of the trade,

Crimefiction collective has the most exhaustive list of links for authors using Kindle for publishing or 

Do you know how to find the perfect niche audience for your blog, the popular Livehacked blog tells you how.

Agent Mary Kole examines author emails; Do you need a business one?

Author PR...If you are stuck, these tips may help you out.

If you need help writing that sexy scene in your YA check out this post.

K M Weiland has another stellar post on writing craft. Why your beginning and ending must link.

To finish,
Two weeks ago I linked to the news that Harper Voyager was opening their doors to unagented subs for a heady 2 weeks. This week Carolrhoda Books is doing the same. Editor Andrew Karre outlines exactly what he wants and when he wants it....

Go on clear those desks get that new project underway... 

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Melinda Szymanik said...

some link love going on today - specially Anne R. Allen. What great advice

Maureen said...

There's some real gems in this weeks post...Anne R Allen is consistently great value along with K M Weiland and The Book Designer...I seem to be constantly referencing them....

Anne R. Allen said...

Great links! (Especially since you included mine :-)Thanks much for the kudos. ) Link posts are so popular, but they don't get the comments, do they? Ruth Harris has the same problem with her link posts. You do this nice service for people and they all go away...

(But I seriously don't think CAPTCHA'S get more comments.) Try turning it off, then grabbing that "no CAPTCHA" badge from my blog and see if you get more comments.

You can also ask a question, like "which link did you like best?" and see if that makes people more chatty.

Maureen said...

Great Advice Anne! xxxx

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