Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Steps Into A Secret Life

In my secret life I am taller, thinner, brainier and permanently aged 30. Of course, when I was 30, I was all of those things. I just wish I had celebrated it more...

Not a bad first line...a bit of pathos...a bit of thinking...line two and three follows on developing the theme...

Why am I looking at the first line....because Lisa Stiles has a great article on her blog about first lines and their power. She has some great examples and analysis on the first lines of the famous books.
If I am talking to anyone on the power of the first line I send them straight to any Dick Francis book. Pick any one. Read the first line and that gives you a huge clue as to why they are bestsellers.

Tahereh hasn’t been blogging very long but has made an impact with her witty blog. This week she posted a great list of what 81% of Agents would like on the first page. If you trawl around her site you will find other laugh out loud articles for writers. Tahereh is also graphic artist and she made up a spoof cover called Querypolitan. This has now morphed into reality as an online magazine (she is looking for contributors...)  which is as funny as her blog.

Angela Ackerman had a recent contest on her blog asking readers to nominate blogs they could not live without. She posted the extensive list divided up into Agents and Industry, Query and MS Tuneage and Writers, Authors and Writing. I have quite a few on my regular check list but I will be checking out some new ones based on this comprehensive list. My Twitter follow list will be getting a workout. 

Robin LaFevers and Mary Hershey together run The Shrinking Violets Blog. This blog is dedicated to Marketing for Introverts. As introverted children’s writers they have a wonderful handle on what it takes to step out and market your book in front of an audience. This week one of their readers, Jenn Hubbard has written a great guest post on how getting together with other writers to market your books can help the introvert writer. (Extroverts will like it too.)

Our collective writing group project is coming together and as part of the nuts and bolts of going live we all have to have a profile and pic on the website...I hate the camera and the camera hates me. You may have noticed that I have cool space pictures all over my social media presence. However with the help of some cool free software and my kids, I have an avatar pic, which wonder of wonders makes me look taller, thinner, brainer and permanently aged 30.  Who could ask for anything more? Check out the sidebar!

Over on Craicerplus (my Amplify page) there are links to articles on

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Children’s Book Apps get curiouser and curiouser.

Melvin Burgess’ Top Ten Books for Teenagers.

Big Publishers have reason to be happy about how the book market is evolving.

Maybe ET is calling but we have the wrong phone.

How to create Buzz before opening week(end).

Agents won’t survive just by charging a higher commission.



TK Roxborogh said...

In my perfect life my garden is amazing (it looks good but someone else does the work cos I HATE gardening), I have a healthy vege garden, my house is ALWAYS clean and tidy. My children's bedrooms are tidy. There are enough towels and hot water.

My knees don't ache. I as slim as I was on my wedding day (and with out the saggy skin).

I am an international best-seller author.

But, in the real world: I am still married to the same man I first married and I still actually quite like him. Both my children are healthy and living and intelligent (which sometimes feels like a pain).

I am not as fit and young as I once was (I used to run an hour a day).

But, I write at least one book a year as well as working full time.

So, I must be doing something alright - eh?

And, what the heck is 'sphicroj' when it's at home? (my verification word).

Maureen said...

Gosh Tania,
I want that first paragraph too....
Yes I would say you are nearly perfect....thank goodness you aren't completely perfect because then you would be the object of envy and tall poppyishness that New Zealanders love to hate...(a stupidly boorish trait of our as a nation)

TK Roxborogh said...

should I list my sins (esp the ones my children rate)?

I am a christian but I swear, at times, like a banchee (excuse mixed metaphors).

I venture around the house (not often in Dunedin) with no clothes on (quel horroire!)

I speak. (need I say more?!)

I can't spell.

etc etc etc

But, I have lived (and live) and have loved (and love) and enjoyed (enjoy) the ups and down of living.


(But, seriously, 'jugho'??? (word verification)

Maureen said...

Jug-ho! the call for another glass of wine after a hard day writing and being perfect for other peoples children!
Very apt!

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