Thursday, May 13, 2010

Changing the world

During the week I amplified an article by Joanna Penn on Google and what the new search terms for authors means. Google in the last week has changed the search terms so that along with your page showing your search results they have a list of social media sites to check and their new online bookstore Google Editions to buy e-books on the subject...

Yesterday I watched an online news cast from the Wall Street Journal interviewing Jeff Tractenburg of Google where Jeff said that any Google Editions e-book would be available to read on any reading device including latest releases.

Joanna has a identified what this means to writers and offers good advice to utilise this massive change in publishing on the web.

Here are two massive developments from Google this week that you need to know about. From looking at these together, it seems clear that Google search will bias books on the Google publishing platform.

Another site that is making waves is Bookbuzzr. This site was developed when a software developer was talking to his friend who was trying to market a new book. The friend speculated that really he wanted a way to show his book off, just like a print book, but on line. His software friend came up with a virtual book widget which has an excerpt of the book inside the cover pic. This widget is exportable to any a Youtube video and it is free.

Online publishing is getting smarter and the changes are coming so fast that closing your eyes is not an option.

Alice Pope of Children’s Writers and Illustrators Marketplace has left the publication after eighteen years but she hasn’t gone far...For the last two years Alice has headed the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) conference blog team. This has proved a tremendous link up to writers world wide who can’t get to the L A Summer Conference or the New York  Winter Conference. They can hop over to the blog and join in virtually. Alice has now moved over to SCBWI and is blogging for them full time...So I have changed the link in my blog roll...Gotta keep up with Alice.   

L Diane Wolfe at circle of friends has posted a great Do’s and Don’ts list for meeting authors...(lots of authors agree they wish they could hand out the list at signings...)Authors have commented on her list adding their own horror stories...

Three great writing sites to visit

If you are looking for advice on character...From childrenspublishing,  This has to be the most comprehensive list of links to character development  tools I have ever seen.

Cba-ramblings has a great article on pitching

And Nathan Bransford shares his thoughts on voice...always good to get an agents perspective.

On Craicerplus (Just click on the amplify button on the right) There are links to...

The TED commandments 10 rules every speaker should know

Seth Godin on what publishers are doing wrong

Google Editions and Google search

Crafting the pitch in 25 words or less

12 Life lessons from Warren Buffett on being a more compassionate writer.


PS Congratulation to Adele Broadbent who launched Too Many Secrets this last week...(first up from Spinning Gold)

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