Thursday, April 22, 2010

Authors need to learn....

In the last few days I have been thinking about a New Yorker article that I found on Twitter and shared on Facebook. 
It is a wrap up of the last 30 days in publishing with the advent of the iPad-what it means for publishing and the future of publishing. This is a comprehensive well researched article that Authors should read. How will Apple, Amazon and Google divide up publishing and what will it mean for the Author...

My brother who designs and builds industrial robots commented to me last night ‘the way the technology is going why aren’t authors selling their own stuff?’ And he doesn’t know anything about the industry. On the other hand he markets his own work so it makes sense to him. He hadn’t read the New Yorker article either.

Out in blogosphere land these ideas are gaining traction. Tony Eldridge’s interview with Edwin Crozier about blogging your book which was posted a year ago is being retweeted all over the place as people think hang on maybe there is something in this.

With each segment they increase their desire to keep reading. Then they hit a wall that says "…to be continued, but not until next week." Just below that statement is a "Buy Now" button. Watch the mouse hover over the button. The debate is on. "Can I wait until next week? I don't want to spend the money and I can read this book for free. Oh, but I need to know what's next. But if I'm patient I'll find out next week. Yeah but then I'll have to wait another week for the section after that." CLICK. Someone just bought your book. 

As a writer, you should consider using podcasting and videocasting to promote your novel. Even Simon and Schuster said this was necessary. Here’s why.
First and foremost, people spend a lot of their time on the Internet which is already transportable. Even more, the future of the Internet is video. In fact, video search is growing in popularity at an astonishing speed.

These are just a few of the rumblings through the blogosphere as the reality of the changing face of publishing starts to be understood.

In the end marketing will be the most important thing that the author will have to learn...and you thought it was learning to write well or even finishing the work in progress.

Penny Sansevieri of Author Marketing Experts has put a comprehensive blog post together on online presence and using Social Media.

The quickest way to get noticed is by publishing quality work, the quickest way to get dismissed is by producing junk. Second, they want an author who knows his or her market and, if you’re connected to it online, all the better.

This is ringing true in my extended family. 
My mother in law has been told by her publishers that all of their authors must have an online social media presence. This is a big publishing company and mother in laws author level didn’t think they needed to do this as they are all well established best sellers with 100 books to their name. 
Yup. Company policy now. And the author has to maintain them. 

This is your business...just like a new is the most important thing that the author can learn.

Over on Craicerplus (my amplify page)
There is a link to,
Rowena Cherry and her post on 25 ways to buzz an author.
Penguins interactive Q-books with 'Oh Hogwash Sweetpea,' becoming one of the first picture books to be an iPod/iPad download in Maori, English and Spanish.
Lulu, e-publishing/self publishing behemoth moving to become a full service bookstore
and a link to a comprehensive article looking at the iPad from an author perspective from Author Tech Tips.


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Maureen Crisp said...

Right now over on Jane Friedmans blog she is commenting on a post she has made on Writer Unboxed about putting your work online. This is timely and good advice. Go and have a read.

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