Wednesday, April 9, 2008

tricky things about blogs

Well it's all a bit tricky if you want to leave a message on my blog.
Blogspot have layered in new privacy regs. so you can leave a message if you already have a blogspot account or if you create an open id. If you don't have either contact, I have set up an email address for you to respond to.
I hope to link this into my blog to make it easier to contact me.
So far navigating my way around the various sites has taken a lot of time. I really should be back on mars....however I am learning!!!!!!
Sometimes my brain feels like it's melting...
I have started to look at other children's writers blogs out there and boy there are some amazing ones.... I have lots to aspire to...
When I learn linking I will put up the best ones that I discover as well as important links to organisations in NZ that promote children's lit.
On that note I am on a countdown to the NZPost Children's Book Awards in May. I have four friends among the finalists-one in each catagory, and two friends on the judging this year I hope to get a ticket to the ceremony....they're very sort thanks FIFI (convenor of WCBA and judge of the awards) for thinking of me.
Next year my book Bones will be eligible for the awards....cross fingers.
I am expecting the page proofs any day, and when I figure out links I will post a picture of the cover.
Have a great day!

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