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When I get together with other children’s writers we always ask each other what we’re working on and we share interesting ideas. So as I can’t sit down and have a coffee with you in real life why don’t you subscribe to my monthly newsletter. I’ll share my months best bookmarked links and some interesting (death defying) research from my current writing projects. You can ask me questions on Twitter or Facebook or Email.

I will post excerpts from my previous months newsletters here to keep the page interesting. 

By now you have probably realised I'm a space nerd so the neat little picture is of 
The Little Gem Galaxy (NASA/ESA/ Hubble)

A snippit from the last Newsletter...
In August I Bookmarked 31 articles on Craft and Marketing. August seemed to be the month for great craft articles.

If you are regular readers of my blog you might have noticed the little progress bar on the top right. And if you have noticed it... you might have seen that it hasn’t moved very much. By now it should have cracked the 70% mark. Well I have a secret to tell you. I had to stop working on Book Seven because... 

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