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I'm always working on something.... whether its an old manuscript that I can't resist tweaking or a new story that is tugging at my brain. I've written about skeleton finding dogs... kids trying to be normal despite their parents... kids trying to normal despite their abilities... kids trying to be normal despite where they live... hmmm I wonder if there is a theme there.

I'm currently working on a ten book series based in a circus. The fourth book, Tumbling Town is out now but not in shops yet because of the lockdown. I'm working on the 5th book Accidental Aerial. 
That gadget bar shows my progress on Book 4 of my Starlight series and it has been slow so I need to crank it up a bit.  That's the world I play in when I'm not in Circus. I am hoping to publish the first book later this year.

Fabostory is when NZ's wackiest children's writers get together to host a fortnightly storywriting competition for kids. If you are a keen writer aged between 8 and 13 click on the FABO pic to subscribe. We are in the middle of Fabo 2020 and we're posting weekly while the kids are in lockdown. 
It is always fun reading kids stories and plotting dastardly story beginnings for the next competition. 

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I have also written for the NZ School Journal and had a long running kids interview column in the Family Times.

Below is a short teaser for Sojourner's Truth which is on submission. 
So whether its Bones, or How To Lose A Rockstar or Sojourner's Truth, or Circus Code Challenge or Starlight Quartet or my weekly blog for writers around the world or my monthly podcast guest appearance... I'm always talking about or writing about.... WRITING.

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